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  1. akrmz

    06 kx450 backfire/blue flame

    Ya it has the gas from last year in it. The hat start cable dose not want to return. But I'll check the jet. Thanks
  2. akrmz

    06 kx450 backfire/blue flame

    hello, I have a 06 kx 450 and I started it up the other day and it didn’t want to idle without the choke on and when I turn the choke off and give it some gas it back fires and shoots a 2-3 inch blue flame. Any ideas on what would cause this? Hot start cable stuck maybe?
  3. akrmz

    ? on hot cams rmz450

    thanks ill try the intake hotcam and see how it go's thanks.
  4. akrmz

    ? on hot cams rmz450

    hey i was just wondering if hot cam make a big diff in power gain for the money? and do you have to rejet?