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    riding. 1981 Honda xr500r
  1. billybottoms

    Vintage Metzler Tire $1000

    Do they throw a bike in for free?
  2. Does anyone have info on a big bore kit for a 1981 XR500r? Thanks, Scott
  3. billybottoms

    where are the xr500's ??

    go to the vintage section....
  4. billybottoms

    fouling plugs what do think?

    the "sweet smell" tells me there is a little coolant burning!
  5. billybottoms

    80 xr500 help

    valve clearance... .002 intake, .004 exhaust
  6. billybottoms

    What Year Is This Kx80? Pictures And Videos Inside!

    my 83 is water cooled
  7. billybottoms

    81 xr 500r went spit ,sputter, stop....

    Found it!!!! The nut on the main shaft worked its way loose,causing the advancer rotor to not make contact with pulser coil.
  8. billybottoms

    81 xr 500r went spit ,sputter, stop....

    changed coil,wire ,cdi, the next is stator?
  9. billybottoms

    Where are all the old timers?

    i quit riding in 1978 after i hit a dog and almost killed my self. i am back on now. but my brain dont think so fast anymore.i am 43 now .does that make me old?
  10. was riding slow speed with low rpms and it spit ,sputtered then stopped running.Let it set few minutes while i cked spark plug boot/connection ,gas flow..etc.Started back up , then after 100 ft. or so ...it did it again. Has spark and fuel.Any ideas?
  11. billybottoms

    "Old school" low bucks/no bucks tips?

    I have used a hard plastic mud flap from a semi trk. to make a side cover for my old rm 250!!!
  12. billybottoms

    What have you owned?

    1983 kx 80 bored to 98cc 1986 rm 250 2000 rm 125 1981 xr500r