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  1. rp2000r

    Mortgage rate update

    Me three! Good guy!
  2. rp2000r

    cleaning up plastics

    Pledge, Meguir's Plasti X or plastic polish for deep scuffs...Pledge works wonders and repells dirt/water
  3. rp2000r

    Free Reiter

    Got a group of 4-5 who are in, Let us know when and where!
  4. rp2000r

    2007 cr125r, 3 hrs, $2800

    Iam looking at buying a 07 CR125 with 3-5 hours, showroom condition and wondering if you guys think it's a fair deal and if I will be happy with it.. I have owned a 05 yz 125 and a 08KTM125SX.. This bike will be a holdover for a year or so untill I can get my hands on a 2011 KTM 150XC. The yz was nice, The KTM was stronger and I love the Hydro clucth..I like the suspension on the yz better but my SX suspension was never set, only sag.. I love Honda's but are there any issues with the bike, What about jetting etc? What you guys think? Appreciate the info Thanks, Ryan
  5. rp2000r

    09/10 200xc or XCW?

    Thanks for the info guys, I can't find a 09 200XCW for cheaper then $6450 out the door and on there last 09XC he won't go under 7K tax rate is 8.9% or so and a $50 Lic fee.. Seems like to much for me, I offered $6200 for the XCW and 6400XC and he said no.. I think either bike will be fine I'll just get whatever I can get cheaper I guess.. The hunt continues, lol
  6. rp2000r

    09/10 200xc or XCW?

    Cool, Is it correct that the 09XC has the same 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears as the 2009/2010 200XCW? And does the XCW come with a speedo/hour meter by the handlebars? or do both bikes come like that? Thanks guys!
  7. rp2000r

    09/10 200xc or XCW?

    Hey guys, I just sold my 08125SX and will be buying a 200 soon. Iam having a tuff choice between a 09/10 200XC or XCW. Iam a decent rider and ride mostly trails with some occasional dune/track trips here and there... I can't find any clean used 09 or newer 200's so Iam hoping to pull the trigger on my first new bike and want to make sure if Iam spending 6K I'll be happy. I can't test ride any bikes in a real world senerio, only parking lots. Here is what I want to know, Which would you buy? and what prices you guys paid for the same bikes. I found a 09XC for $6500 or a 09XCW for $6300 OTD but was thinking if Iam spending that much I mine as well just get a 2010 bike for the small price difference and get the updates for the 2010 model year What ya think? Thanks, Ryan:ride:
  8. rp2000r

    Need input, 09 KTM 200XC or 09YZ250F

    When does the rebate take effect? Thanks, Ryan
  9. rp2000r

    Need input, 09 KTM 200XC or 09YZ250F

    Most my riding is on trails so the KTM might be the bike. They hold there value better and from my reading will be less maintenance/cheaper to keep in top shape. If I could get it for $5k it would of been done but it's not local so thats the issue. New dilemma is a 09 200XC vs. 09/2010 200XCW Hahahahaha
  10. rp2000r

    Need input, 09 KTM 200XC or 09YZ250F

    Thanks Shrub, I got Ride down to $5300 OTD for blue but Iam stuck on white... I would buy used but can't find anything good/local/priced right... If I can get a white 09 yz250f for $5k flat is that a fair deal?? The KTM would be sweet but they guy is stuck at $5300, Thats alot of money for used but all I can find price wise for new is $6500-7K+which is way too much!! He has $500 in extras on it...
  11. rp2000r

    Need input, 09 KTM 200XC or 09YZ250F

    I tried finding that username so I could pm him but said invalid name... Anymore input for me? I will be buying with cash in hand unless I buy new and take advantage of the low apr's then payoff early. $5k max budget. Thanks, Ryan
  12. rp2000r

    Need input, 09 KTM 200XC or 09YZ250F

    The KTM is a 09, What kind of prices should I be looking at for a used 09 200XC? Ive been following the market for a while on craigslist and dealerships and I can't even find any 09 used 200XC and on the yamaha I think the best that could be had is $5k out the door..Leftover 09 200XC's are going for $6400 OTD or more.. If you guys are getting em cheaper let me know where to go. Thanks, Ryan
  13. Sold my 08 KTM 125sx and looking for a new bike with a little more power and that has trail friendly suspension out of the box. I can work on bikes so maintenance isn't a huge issue.. I ride mainly trails with the occasional rip on my friends track. Iam a average rider. The KTM 200xc is used, 15 hours and has a Spark arrestor, glide plate and bark busters. Looks brand new. or A brand new white 09 YZ250F Having trouble make a decision and both bikes are the same price..$5300 otd Which is better for my needs? I appreciate any info from the local NWet riders! Thanks, Ryan
  14. rp2000r

    Act now to Reopen Reiter

    Great idea if we show in force. Post signs the week before the date and rally! Somethings gotta change!
  15. rp2000r

    New bike setup

    Nice, I basically run the same except I have a jd blue needle in the 3rd clip, and a 190 main for really cold temps, otherwise I stick with a 188 main. Stock IJ.