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  1. EAnchak

    75' Suzuki TC 185 compression at 80psi

    Did you try doing a ring job? Ed Anchak http://www.suzukits.tk
  2. EAnchak

    1974 TS185 Throttle Linkage

    Just saw your latest post. I have a suggestion that's even easier than a small weld. Use a very strong epoxy, like JBWeld, which will emulate a weld. It should work just fine for you, and the benefit is that it won't need to be ground off, you can usually just use a hammer and chisel to break the epoxy. Other than that, I would suggest ebay. I got that very part, along with 9 other parts for $00.99 each, and $14 shipping. Ebay is the way to go. Ed Anchak http://www.suzukits.tk
  3. EAnchak

    1974 TS185 Throttle Linkage

    Thats good to hear, hopefully I can get my ts185 running again. I'm trying to rebuild the engine right now to hopefully solve a bogging problem that won't let it go above 30mph. But still, good to hear that there must be hope for the rest of us. Ed Anchak http://www.suzukits.tk
  4. EAnchak

    1974 TS185 Throttle Linkage

    That rod is clutch push rod, yes. If you take off the clutch side cover, the cable should still be hanging onto the cover not to the engine. Inside the cover, toward the back of the engine side there is a raised hole with a Phillips head screw on the top and bottom of it. The rod sticks out from here, just stick it in. There is a hole in the side of the engine that it must go into the matches the hole in the cover. With that rod in place, your clutch should activate properly. Let me know if you have any questions, Ed http://www.suzukits.tk
  5. EAnchak

    1974 TS185 Throttle Linkage

    the clutch cable connects in very similar way, but it sounds like it may just need to be adjusted.
  6. EAnchak

    1974 TS185 Throttle Linkage

    If I follow you correctly you are referring to where that throttle cable enters the engine on the left (shifter) side, and goes to the oil pump to regulate how much oil is injected into the engine. You do NOT have to take the whole engine apart to do this. Behind the chain (and sprocket cover, if you have one), there is a oblong metal cover held on by 2 x head screws, one on top, and one on bottom. You can remove this panal to view the oil pump, there are no other internal parts of the engine visible at this point except for the pump. You then will be able to see the cable coming down from the tom and attaching to a spring controlled swing arm, when you pull the throttle, the arm goes up, and when you release the throttle, the arm goes down. that is how the pump is regulated. You may be able to detach the cable without removing the swing arm, but I found it much easier to remove the swing arm then remove the cable, and then reinstall the swing arm when you are done. If you have any questions, or need any diagrams or pictures, let me know. EAnchak http://www.suzukits.tk
  7. Hello all, I have a 1974 TS185L that I am in the process of rebuilding because I can't seem to get it running right. I've tried to get advice of the HUBB, and am still at a standstill: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/suzuki-tech/ The problem, as you can see in the link, is that it just won't accelerate, in any gear but first, it will bog down at anything more than 4000 RPM. I've cleaned the carb twice and swapped for a known good carb. I've cleaned the exhaust and swapped for a known good one, and I've swapped the ignition coil for a known good one. ( My room mate has a 73 TS185k) Now I'm down to rebuilding the engine and hoping that I affect something in a good way. In the process, I've noticed that information on the TS185 is scarce and far between, so I've put scans of the service manual on my board http://www.suzukits.tk Has anybody else had similar problems with the TS185, and what else could it be. I don't think it's crank seals, because there isn't an enormous amount of smoke. Any Ideas, Ed
  8. EAnchak

    1974 TS185 Throttle Linkage

    I have scans of the service manual I just referenced on the forum at suzukits.tk, it's in the gallery. Everything you need to know is on page 14
  9. EAnchak

    1974 TS185 Throttle Linkage

    I though the ts185's have the mikuni VM24SH, at least thats what it says in my service manual. Or it might depend on the year. There is a guy named Nigel on the suzuki-ts board who, I think, knows just about everything there is to know about the ts bikes. I met him on the HUBB (horizons unlimited bulletin board) You can check out the board at: suzukits.tk I posted a link to thumpertalk there, because it's the only place I've found to get ts185 stock parts, including for that carb. I'll post a pic of my 74 ts185, as soon as I figure out how. do you have to use photobucket? Ed
  10. EAnchak

    '73 ts185 burns out headlight

    I had the exact same problem, and posted it on the HUBB, and got some good suggestions that might help you, check it out: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/suzuki-tech/ts185l-starts-runs-revs-fine-42351 http://www.suzukits.tk Hope this helps Ed