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  1. Hey guys, wondering if you could please help me solve a dilemma im having... I want a new bike, but cant afford the new KTM Enduro 690... I ride about 1000 to 1100kms a week to and from work, broken down to approx: 200kms tight single trail motor bike tracks, 300 to 350 firetrails and 4wd tracks, 300kms back roads which are sealed but old, bumpy, potholey, twisty windy style roads and about 200kms on good highway... and currently do so on a XR which is quite good for doing so except for constant motor rebuilds every 10000kms or 3months ish... I've stumbled across a 99' KTM 620 supercomp in real good nick and a 2000 520 EXC also in real good nick and $$$ is pretty much same... Q1: What would you guys go for? Q2: Is it true these LC4 style motors such as on the 620SC can get 50,000 ish kms b4 a rebuild needed? Q3: Pros & Cons of each? Q4: Any other options i should look at apart from these? Just as a side note, if any of you have any suggestions on bike types, the BIG MAJOR annoyance that i have and am DEPSERATE to get away from is constant motor rebuilds, so if anyone knows of bikes that have motors that will just go and go and go untouched.... that is HUUUGGEEEE bonus points in that bikes favour And thanks all heaps in advance Robbo