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  1. I recently read two articles on different magazines, where they compared the 450 mx bikes. Odd enough, the two shootouts produced extremely different results! The same bike was ranked first by one magazine, fourth by the other. A bike ranked off the podium by one magazine was the winnner of the shootout for the other! Now, I know that a bike will always be evaluated differently by different riders, still I am confused by those results, since both shootouts were the results of a team work, with many different riders testing the bikes... Should we trust those results?
  2. frengo_it

    2017 models with activation code?

    They do this because, particularly in some EU Countries, dirt bikes are imported through unofficial channels. These "parallel" bikes are then sold at a lower price compared to what you pay to an official dealer. The activation code is then given just to the official dealers, trying to defend them against the parallel market.
  3. frengo_it

    Air forks best practices?

    Thank you for the suggestions, not so many but definitely useful.
  4. frengo_it

    Air forks best practices?

    A brand new CRF two-fifty is coming to my garage... it's a 17 (now selling cheaper since the 18 model has been announced). Having read so many opinions and reports, I'm definitely confused and rather concerned about setting-up the air forks properly. I haven't been able to find a report containing the most important "dos and don'ts", any suggestions to find one online? Thanks
  5. I've been told that the 17 models must be "activated" before use... there should be a software code to be put inside the ECU at first start-up. Since they told me so for an Enduro model, I'm wondering if the same is true for motocrossers. Does anybody know how this code works? Is it intended just for the initial startup or you need to keep it for later activities also (maintenance, an so on)? Thanks
  6. frengo_it

    Is the 17 model really so bad?

    Thank you, I just don't want to be infuenced by all those magazine testers... According to them, this bike should be the weakest two-fifty of the pack.
  7. frengo_it

    450 R Current pricing (my 2017)

    So the tax you have paid should be less than 10%... Right?
  8. frengo_it

    Is the 17 model really so bad?

    While I agree that the new 18 is a wonderful bike with huge improvements, I have already found many offers of the old 17 at bargain prices. Since I am not a racer, my doubt is: is the 17 so slow, from an amateur perspective? Is it just a matter of peak power, or are there any other weaknesses? I have never rode one, so I'm wondering why not choose the bargain instead of the latest model... Thanks
  9. Hi, in these days, here in Europe we are debating about the different pricing between the USA and european market. In other words, a lot of people here thinks that Honda Europe is applying a much higher margin than Honda USA, resulting in a final price that's way too high... Someone is also stating that he has been able to import the bike from abroad, saving a lot of money (even adding local taxes to the base price). A quick Internet search tells me that the "american" price should be around $9000, which equals to €7650. In my country, the same bike is selling around €9000: apparently then, the difference is huge. What I'm missing, however, is the "tax" element: in fact, while I'm sure the european price includes taxes, I don't know if the same is true for the $9000 i have found on US Internet sites. Long story short, what's the average price one could pay in the USA? What part of such price would be taxes? Thank you in advance.
  10. frengo_it

    Honda CRF450R 2009

    If bought in full-OEM conditions, this bike needs some mods. Some of them may not be mandatory, but one definitely is: suspension tuning. The OEM forks are really too soft, even if you weight 73 Kg like me... of course, to maintain a good overall balance the rear shock should be tuned accordingly. If you race and use the clutch intensively (or if you are an off-road rider), at least you should mount the Hinson stiffer springs: they are inexpensive and solve the slipping problems this clutch has (the lever remains in a comfortable range of stiffness, however). Very important note: idle must be always kept at the correct rpm (higher than you could expect...) Overall, I think the 2009 is a good bike for amateurs: it's light, smooth power delivery and good handling (for fast tracks another suggested mod is to lower the back by modifying the linkage). Professional riders or serious racers probably would prefer some more power at high rpm...
  11. frengo_it

    A neverending story?

    Mmmm... that shaft seems to be one that changes the CRF into a "beast". I'm comfortable with the power delivery of the OEM camshaft, don't want to change. Thank you anyway.
  12. frengo_it

    A neverending story?

    Ordering that part in the USA I will save a lot of money... even adding the extra shipping cost! At present we have a wonderful exchange rate (about 1.4), plus the list price in $ starts at a much lower value than in Euro... finally I would save some 150 Euro!
  13. frengo_it

    A neverending story?

    I strongly agree
  14. frengo_it

    A neverending story?

    Thank you Huffster, but unfortunately this part is not listed here... I'm searching at different Internet sites. Many of them still have just the old (wrong) part number in list, so I need some time to succeed... at Motorsports, instead, they don't let me order this part because "it is for US models and you live outside the USA"... Huh??? I suspect the man who talked to me was not so informed about the ordering system technology (probably the part was simply not available).
  15. frengo_it

    A neverending story?

    Could be... My CRF 450 R is a model year 2009. I have bought the bike (I live in Italy) from a so-called "parallel importer": even if it comes from USA, it's an EU model (long muffler). When Honda placed the official recall for the defective decompressor, I have sent my camshaft assembly to the importer (he told me he would have the parts serviced). Unfortunately, the parcel has got lost somewhere (italian Postal Service sucks!). So I need a new full assembly, and buying it in the USA is a great money saving (some 30%, shipping cost included)... My CRF is an european model, but I think that the camshaft for the US model should fit perfectly... does anybody have some more infos? Thank you PS (60 days without riding my CRF... a real nigthmare)