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  1. A bike needs just fire, fuel and air to get started. Something is amiss with one of these from the pyramid and likely fuel or fire problem. Fire: Could there be something gone wrong with the spark plug lead/cap? Is the spark plug still putting out a spark? Check this. Fuel: unsure? Can your hear your pump priming prior to start? If so, it may not be an electrical problem (ie not a 'loose wire connection'). If no priming then, either its a loose connection or the fuel pump may be shagged. I had a loose connection on -ve connection on the pump itself inside the tank. There is a cost effective alternative to the OEM fuel pump available if the fuel pump is shagged. Check out cafehusky for some technical advice on this. hope you can get it sorted.
  2. grumnut01

    Balancing radiators...

    I'm from aus, and you can get the uptite Y mailed for ~$35. Bought it online - no probs. Whereas a brass T from an auto store will still cost you ~$25. I got the Y installed no probs. cheers g
  3. dude, you are better off checking out dirtbikeworld.net than TT. DBW is australian focused and those guys should be able to help u out with your Q.
  4. grumnut01

    2008 Husky SMR450 Died on Me

    have you taken the pump out of the tank yet and checked if the negative is connected to the pump? It's a 10 minute easy job. You should also test the + - connections to pump with a multimeter to confirm if pump is getting power or no. If no power at this location then the fault lies elsewhere in the electrical system . If power is present at this location then likely pump no good . Also there is some posts in here somewhere from a guy who pulled his pump apart to get it working again.
  5. grumnut01

    2008 Husky SMR450 Died on Me

    I would also pull the tank off, unbolt the fuel pump mounting plate from underside of tank , and check that the negative is still connected to pump negative terminal. This happened to me on the trail one afternoon and stopped the bike dead.
  6. grumnut01

    08 TE450 will not start after washing

    Hmmm, does not sound good. Take out the fuel pump of your tank and check if the pump is still receiving power using a DC circuit tester at the terminals on the pump. If the pump is seeing power at the terminals when you depress the starter to prime the pump, then would say your fuel pump is gone. If no power is at the terminals then good news as it is likely some water ingress somewhere upstream of your pump and you should be able trace the problem. I have had some experience on this issue as the pump (made in china) went on my 09 TE450 and had to have it replaced. The bike stopped deep in the bush and had to be towed out by DRZ. Hope you can sort a solution.