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  1. gearhead11

    01 s wont start, valves maybe?

    i have an 01 400 s it had gotten hard to start, then all of a sudden it wouldnt start at all. ive put in a new plug and cleaned the carb and still no luck. i checked the valves but all but one is with in spec. its the right intake. its pretty tight like at .07mm. could that be why it wont start?
  2. gearhead11

    spring rate question

    hey guys, i have an 01 drz s and i know the suspension isnt as good as the 03 and up. i was wondering what spring rates to usein the front and on the rear. im 230lbs. mostly an intermediate trail rider, with an occasional commute to work. i am thinking about doing a couple of harescrambles next year and i want to have decent suspension if i decide to do them. i can pretty much take care of everything motorwise, but spring rates have always baffled me. thanks for any help yall can give me.
  3. gearhead11

    dunlop d606 mileage

    thanks guys, thats all i needed to know. ive already got a set, just wanted your opinions on milage. because they were $71 for the front and $72 for the rear through rocky mountain atv.
  4. gearhead11

    dunlop d606 mileage

    it will be probably 60% pavement 40% dirt, but im not hard on the throttle all the time. fairly moderate most of the time.
  5. gearhead11

    dunlop d606 mileage

    im trying to find out how many miles i can expect from a set o f d606's.
  6. gearhead11

    new to me 2001 drz 400s

    sorry i should have search first, i found it
  7. gearhead11

    new to me 2001 drz 400s

    does any one have an owners manual scanned in, so i can figure out how to set this clock. i can tear the motor down and put it back togather with my eyes closed, but i cant set the clock.