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  1. axelsteel

    450 vs 400

    if you take 450`s take the yfz`s buy it brand new and you can get a 5 year garante on motor an 1 year garante bumper bumper:thumbsup:
  2. axelsteel

    400 ex questions?

    wath ever works and it works
  3. axelsteel

    400 ex questions?

    400ex is the best !! nut to clean your motor my friend use easy off and a old thoot brush it work great for him just after your dun wash it off
  4. axelsteel

    Here is your typical quad driver.

    mud ridding is the best thing that ever existed down here wheve have one big 4x4 trip a year called la trip du vendredi st its jus one holle fay of atv and truck jeep anything that is 4x4 or atv racers g and drive in the mud lol it is awsome i love mud here is a clip of that trip
  5. i have to amit tho but dont forget im a big atv fans drivin atvs all my life and when you get on a dirt bike on pave and go back to your atv its harder to controle on pavement compared to a dirt bike
  6. atv they comme with lights on the racers and 4x4 way cooler daa they can drive un trails n WINTER ahahaha and we can hit a dirt bike and make them crash cause they gonna loose balance
  7. oh and we have winter trails and my 400ex is as fast as my friends crf250r btw
  8. quands arent more dangerous its just dirt bike fans cant handle it:P lol
  9. axelsteel

    400EX pics

    heres mine only thing is a hmf pipe
  10. axelsteel

    Warrior 350 vs. Raptor 350

    Ya i think ita thé same just diforent frame and plastic
  11. axelsteel

    yamaha warrior

    the startor is good wee check it
  12. axelsteel

    warrior 350 vs xt 350

    warrior is a 6 speed btw
  13. axelsteel

    yamaha warrior

    hi it is a part behind the fly wheel
  14. axelsteel

    Cummins lope

    its called a lift kit put about 4 to 6 inch with 37 to 39 on it and nice truck
  15. axelsteel

    Yamaha yamaha warrior

    hi my warrior is miss firering and dont no wath to do help its miss power when it cuts