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    XT/TT250 Swingarm

    Hi, and thanks for the information. I thought that might be the case – I just wanted to check that it was not a major operation! Once again, many thanks for the advice.
  2. willowgreen100

    XT/TT250 Swingarm

    Hi – I'm a newbie from the UK and would appreciate any help on the following: I'm in the process of rebuilding a 1981 XT250 to TT specification (we never got the TT over here, but I have sourced all the parts I need from the States via eBay). All items have been either rebuilt or refurbished, plus I have acquired a one-off monoshock unit from Works performance. Ideally, I would like to replace the steel swinger with an aluminium unit. I believe White Bros. and Pro-Tec both made aftermarket items, though finding one is nigh impossible. However, I have read in various places (including this Forum) that an early IT or YZ unit can fit with minor modifications. Can anyone shine any more light on the matter. Thanks in advance. Jools.