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  1. Hi everybody, so I bought this KTM from a kid who was selling it from his dad about 3 years ago. Im finally digging it back out since I have time to work on it. the problem is that I dont know what year the thing is, it looks like an 80's bike and has white plastics. All I know is that its a 250cc two stroke. and it might be the EXC model. the crank bearing is shot and the cylinder is scored bad. id like to just buy a new motor for it but the chain sprocket set up is on the right. and its a left foot kick start. pretty weird I know... If anyone has any experience or information with these bikes it would greatly be appreciated. Thankyou
  2. check your exhaust bearings, there might be kitty litter in your header or carbon build up on your handle bar moustache
  3. do gasket mm sizes matter? like for cylinder to case gasket, does the mm size matter?
  4. yeah im gonna defenitely have the cases split by a shop, i just wanna know the real problem and not get ripped off because they "find" something else wrong with it. thankyou
  5. well im not the best at working on bikes but i have a general knowledge of things. i took my 250exc out and as soon as i popped it in first it would stall. "with the clutch in obviously" i took the head off to inspect things and the piston had left chunks of aluminum in the head. my connecting rod has an "up and down" wiggle. i know thats bad but what in the crank needs to be replaced? help please!