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  3. Tests are bias as rumors are. WD has a tendency to gel up.
  4. I knew a guy that got screwed out of warranty work on a Civic because he used Royal Purple that supposedly wasn't api rated.
  5. Do you use wd-40 for your chain too?
  6. Stuff doesn't meet jaso standards for motorcycles. Use whatever you want. Not using jaso standard oils may void your warranty.
  7. Folks on this forum seem pretty civil. Over on motorcycle-journal that was a huge cry-baby shoot out. It was funny.
  8. Okay, I have an 1985 XL 250 r. Now according to the 85' XL600LM has a 7.4 gallon tank. What I want to know is does it have a 7.4 gallon tank and will one off a XL600 fit my XL250?
  9. Yeah, I read something about the 'friction modifiers' in car oil being bad for MC clutches. I always used Castrol. I just put gtx in my car, and 4t in my bike.
  10. Lucky is right. Make sure you non-op it though. If you don't and you want to re-reg it (or sell it) you (or who buys it) will have to pay all the back reg...
  11. Did you let it run a while? I work at the auto dep at Wally World and when we do the EFI cleaner it pours white smoke after. If that is all it is, it'll burn off.
  12. Motorcycle oil is for motorcycles. Car oil is for cars, and Rotella is for Diesels. I like Castrol 4T motorcycle oil.