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  1. I have a 2003 yz 450 shock with a 5.5 spring. Chrome is mint and it has fresh oil 16mm shaft. Complete shock with spring 160.00 $ I bought a 2006 450 shock with a titanium spring. I think the action is better on 18mm shaft.
  2. No seat ' no crossbar pad ' worn out tires ' take out half of the bolts only there for safety ' run 1/3 qt of oil in engine ' no rim locks ' drill holes in both fenders and in the frame up buy the neck ?
  3. No sure about that one? But what I wanted to say was u must hate in order to win. So the hate is natural.
  4. U must hate to loose in order to
  5. Working all morning too gets some nice rutted turns on a groomed track just too see one atv Tare it to shit in 10 min.
  6. Nice good one. What about titanium spoke kits. Ever herd of them ?
  7. eBay eBay eBay. I bought a set of 2008 kx 450 forks in mint condition for 275.00 all rebuilt. Of course I tore them apart and service them myself for piece of mind.
  8. Right side stock left side lowered so you can see the differance.
  9. Ok no input so I went for it. Bought a 06-09 dr d kit used off eBay for 25.00. I made it work with a few minor tweaks. Huge difference the bike sticks in corners Much better. You will have to buy a after market header pipe. Fmf power bomb is what I have. Stock will not work. We'll worth it's weight in gold why yamaha didn't do this from the beginning not sure.
  10. California

    I used that cock picture in my online dating profile wow great feedback they love it hahaha.
  11. Cool thanks. I wish I didn't read that thread about plastic being different weight because now I can't get it out of my head. Now if I can kick that 25oz bud light lime after work every day should be good.
  12. Has anyone check the differance between standard renthal 7/8 bars and twinwalls or fat bars. I think most of the factory's run twinwalls but I have both and the 7/8 seems to be lighter although I haven't scaled them.
  13. My fork guards on my 2007 kx front forks keep braking buy the brake line holder and at the bottom bolts. This is the only forks I've had that do this. Dose anyone have a fix for this?
  14. California

    Dude cougar buttes. That's awsome. I happen to be a huge fan of cougar butts lol.
  15. I just descoverd a new weight saving trick. I replaced all my rubber mounted bolts like the fuel tank mounting bolts on the frame and radiator mounting bolts with titanium bolts, but instead of using a traditional washer on the bolt I used some old suspension shims from my forks. Much thinner and a lot less weight. Turns out they are 6mm ID and fit perfect. Not sure how they will hold up in a crash but we will see!!!