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  1. drmcook

    2016 KX250f Starting problems

    If valve clearances are good, I suggest looking at the problem from the fuel delivery side. Perhaps dirty injectors or fuel pump. Also, how many hours on the bike? When was the last time top end done?
  2. drmcook

    Hanging in the RPM's when reved

    Its a known issue on the late model kx250f's. There are a few threads on this. I had a similar issue as well. Turned down the idle slightly and all has been well for a while.
  3. drmcook

    Whats the problem?

    You mentioned that it happened right after you changed the oil and filter. Could it be that you installed the filter backwards, thus blocking the oil flow and causing damage?
  4. drmcook

    Suspension adjustment

    First thing you should do is re-spring it for your weight. In your case, you will need a softer spring (assuming it is stock right now). Next and just as important is SAG. Once that is done, you can play with the clickers or have it revalved and set up by a professional.
  5. drmcook

    '17 kx250f ok for vet c rider?

    Just try it. It is $10 and a 20 min job at most. My friends did it as well and noticed softer pull at the lever. Plus it is recommended for 2016's to go with HD springs.
  6. drmcook

    '17 kx250f ok for vet c rider?

    It will make the clutch pull softer
  7. drmcook

    '17 kx250f ok for vet c rider?

    Im coming off a 2 stroke as well and love everything about my 2016 kx250f. Few things you might want to consider though: 1. Dump the front tire. The stock mx51 is crap. Constantly washing out. Don't even bother going into slick conditions with that tire. It was discontinued but kawi decided to still use it. 2.install HD clutch springs. Cheap and easy, and makes the clutch feel almost like hydraulic. 3. If you are taller move the foot pegs down. Im 5'11" and it made a whole lot of difference.
  8. drmcook

    Can any one answer these questions I have about my 08 kx250f

    Run the bike for a few minutes and shut it off. Then check the oil level. Make sure the bike is sitting straight.
  9. drmcook

    Aftermarket mods

    The bike is pretty good as is. Some things to consider: 1. Stiffer Clutch Springs - the lever feels softer after installing the springs 2. After market chain, sprockets, guides 3. Hammerhead shift lever - i wear boots size 11 and bought a longer shift lever. Helps a little with shifting 4. Dump the stock front tire - Comes with MX51 and it is the worst tire ever made in my opinion. It is actually discontinued. Everything else is pretty good stock in my opinion and the bike has plenty of adjustments. If you are a taller rider, moving the footpegs down makes big difference. I am 5'11 and when i moved the pegs down, the difference actually surprised me.
  10. drmcook


    About 160 to 175lbs
  11. drmcook

    Yamaha brake rotor on kawi?

    I believe Flo makes a blue one for Kawi
  12. drmcook

    Back/Spine Protector for MX

    Thanks for the replies guys. After some research I ended up getting the Leatt 5.5 HD Pro. Its CE 2 certified for front and back. The main reason I got it is because it has side coverage for flank/rib protection. Also integrates nicely with my leatt neck brace. Seems a little heavy when you first pick it up, but when I rode in it, it's almost not noticed. Really like how it sits and feels on me. Feels really comfortable and stays put compared to my old chest protectors
  13. drmcook

    What could have caused this?

    Have you measured the ring end gap when installing the piston?
  14. drmcook

    Leftover '16 deal

    Not sure where you are, but I bought my 16 for the same price a year ago. The 17 is 6499 right now. Again, it depends on how the market is where you are, but it doesn't sound like a good deal.
  15. drmcook

    Increasing Top End Speed

    How many hours are on the bike? Exhaust packing needs to be replaced every 20 hrs. If it's clogged, it can rob some power as well as making it louder. I suggest getting a manual. If everything is good, the bike should have plenty of power to clear jumps at a novice level, but then again 5th gear pinned doesn't sound like novice riding to me. Please report back how you like it with new sprocket.