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  1. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Yea, but more so is my friend, the owner of the bike. I’m still a little worried that it might happen again, but we’ll see.
  2. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Ok, tried starting it today again with starting fluid and it did start on 7th attempt. Seems to be running ok. Left it alone and tried after a while without the starting fluid and it started fine. Go figure.
  3. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Checked the flywheel and TPS, all checks out ok. Also tested the kill switch and it’s good as well. Not sure where to go from here
  4. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Tried that. Plug seemed to be ok.
  5. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Thanks. We replaced the piston and rings while we were taking apart. The chain and cams are lignin up when putting a piston at TDC, which if I am not mistaken would eliminate cams/chain issue. As far as gas, i think he tried starting fluid through intake. When the injector is taken out of the intake and attempting to start, it sprays gasoline.
  6. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    At this time I just want to eliminate it as the cause. If it’s slightly out of spec, I don’t think it should prevent it from starting. I guess i need to check the resistance first to see if the sensor is ok.
  7. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Thanks. Will check that out too
  8. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

  9. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Thanks. Any idea what volt reading should be at closed throttle? I will also check the resistance.
  10. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Thanks. I was not able to find any info in the manual in regards to adjusting TPS.
  11. drmcook

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Hello All. Trying to help a friend with his 2014 FC250 not starting issue. A couple of weeks ago he was riding at the track when the bike abruptly stalled and we were not able to start it since. We checked the main things first and everything seems to be in spec. Here is what we’ve done so far: 1. Replaced spark plug and checked for spark presence. 2. Check fuel delivery and cleaned the injector using the Motion Pro tool. Pulled out the injector and it is spraying fuel when attempting to start. 3. Charged the battery. The motor is spinning when trying to start. 4. Replaced piston and rings. 5. Checked valves and clearances. 6. Checked resistance on the stator and crankshaft position sensor. 7. Checked the fuses next to the battery We are lost at this point as the bike is getting fuel and spark but still not starting. The service manual somehow does have any other info to test. Any pointers are appreciated.
  12. drmcook

    2016 KX250f Starting problems

    If valve clearances are good, I suggest looking at the problem from the fuel delivery side. Perhaps dirty injectors or fuel pump. Also, how many hours on the bike? When was the last time top end done?
  13. drmcook

    Hanging in the RPM's when reved

    Its a known issue on the late model kx250f's. There are a few threads on this. I had a similar issue as well. Turned down the idle slightly and all has been well for a while.
  14. drmcook

    Whats the problem?

    You mentioned that it happened right after you changed the oil and filter. Could it be that you installed the filter backwards, thus blocking the oil flow and causing damage?
  15. drmcook

    Suspension adjustment

    First thing you should do is re-spring it for your weight. In your case, you will need a softer spring (assuming it is stock right now). Next and just as important is SAG. Once that is done, you can play with the clickers or have it revalved and set up by a professional.