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  1. motodavermz450

    PWK Carb or JD jet kit for 2004 CR 134

    Bump. Anyone have any experience with these setups?
  2. I picked up a beautiful cr125 w/ an Eric Gorr 134. Ive done my research and found a 99 cr250 PWK on ebay for 115 bucks or I can spend the 80 bucks for the JD jet kit. I read a post on vitalmx where people were saying that with the 134 the JD jetting worked better than their PWK. Anyone have experience with either or both of the set ups? I will be riding at 5100' for now (moving to sea level in May)
  3. hey yall. Im building a 2005 rm250 that I picked up for 1000 bucks. I just got my cylinder back from Eric Gorr and the gasket kit looks like this. Is this normal to have the gasket a circle instead of following around the intake?
  4. motodavermz450

    2002 cr250 having a hard time with

    thats the problem. I didnt do the build. I traded a bike for a bike and now am not a fan of the way this thing runs/rides
  5. motodavermz450

    2002 cr250 having a hard time with

    thanks for the advice. I hope that is not the problem because this bike has 11 hours since complete top and bottom end rebuild. Ill dive into it this weekend and keep yall updated.
  6. motodavermz450

    2002 cr250 having a hard time with

    Also, the clutch pull is hard as hell on this bike too. Advice? I am so lost. I havent had this hard of a time with a bike in a while
  7. motodavermz450

    2002 cr250 having a hard time with

    The power seems to be the latter... It comes on so hard at about 3/8th throttle. Plus the bike vibrates like a bitch. I rode a yz250x and husky 250 last time I rode the bike and good lord they make my CR feel like awful. I will try the power valve first, go back to stock springs, and see if it helps. Everyone on TT seems to love the CRs so I am thinking my setup is trash.
  8. motodavermz450

    2002 cr250 having a hard time with

    hey yall, I picked up this amazing 2002 cr250 and am having a hell of a time trying to get the bike to work well. The guy I bought it from put stiffer springs in it and It rides like total shit. I am going to put the stock springs back in it but need help with oil and clickers. I am only replacing outer tube oil. How much oil? where should the clickers be? 100-105mm sag work well with these bikes? The power delivery. Jesus this things rides and vibrates like a cr500. Once that power valve opens up BOOM it hits. Can I adjust the power valve to mellow it out? a smoother delivery? Once I get these issues fixed ( or if possible) I am going to get the power striker carb. If the power delivery issue and vibration is just the way it is... It for sale! For the recorded, I have been riding smokers for a while so please no comments just saying " thats a 2 stroke" Thanks yall Dave
  9. motodavermz450

    Kentucky Singletrack - Cave Run Lake

    Whats up TJ! Does @BOLT SPEEDMAN even ride anymore? I might be moving back to KY next year and if so its game on! Keep it rubber side down!
  10. motodavermz450

    I thought i would show you guys my build

    What year is that beautiful piece of machinery?
  11. motodavermz450

    trade a 2011 rmz450 to a 2002 rm 250?

    I messed up and logged into an account I made years ago but this is my real account. I moved from CA to KY to NM. But Ill be moving out of NM at the end of the year. Thanks for the advice. What are yalls thoughts on this 05 rm125? I might say screw the 250 and get this little ripper https://santafe.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2005-rm-125/6646369342.html
  12. motodavermz450

    trade a 2011 rmz450 to a 2002 rm 250?

    Well that was a helpful response....
  13. motodavermz450

    trade a 2011 rmz450 to a 2002 rm 250?

    Im not a big 4t guy either and that is why I want to get back on a smoker. It is a step back but than again trying to find a damn RM250 is tough where I am at (New Mexico). Its just my rmz has so many hours on it I know that it is about to turn into a money pit pretty damn fast.
  14. motodavermz450

    Pretty much the whole state of New Mexico is shut down for riding

    Ill be moving to NM in a week. How often does this happen?
  15. motodavermz450

    4 Stroke to 2 Stroke Conversion Kits!