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  1. newmexico

    Ill be moving to NM in a week. How often does this happen?
  2. what area of NM?
  3. newmexico

    Hey y'all, Ill being moving to ABQ area in June and I have a couple of questions. Ive been on rider planet and have seen the areas to ride. Any other hidden gems of places to ride? I enjoy Mx the most and then desert riding. Second, I will be looking to buy another bike when I get there but have notice craigslist is dead, where do y'all look for bikes for sale? Facebook? Last, I need people to ride with! Also, what are yalls thoughts on Farmington? I have a great job offer up there but haven't been. Dave
  4. look up Dunns playground in KY
  5. Kentucky

    Does anyone here in KY ride MX? @BOLT SPEEDMAN and I are always looking for some more guys to ride with. We go pretty consistently.
  6. where are you located? Im in lexington only ride mx. Some mx tracks are soggy bottom, willys mx, half mountain, dunns playground, early wine (indoor), and MOB mx. All these tracks are central and eastern KY.
  7. Kentucky

    I'll be heading to soggy bottom tomorrow if the rain holds off. Anyone else?
  8. Michigan

    Bump! Will anyone be out in silver lake toward the end of August?
  9. I had a 2005 z250 that I bought brand new and first ride it popped. Dealer broke it down and found that the power valve was slapping the piston. Yami had no problem fixing it. They seem to be pretty good about this. I just wake up this morning and log on to TT to check and this is the thread I see!!! I am picking up a 16 yz250f today!!
  10. I grew up in socal and most of my friends who I rode desert and/or mx with all had 450s. A 450 in glamis is almost a must, I know people will disagree but in general. Pala, barona, milestone, etc. on a 450 is still a lot of fun too. Now that I live in KY where its all woods and the mx tracks are small the biggest bore bike I ever see is a 250 smoker. Everyone out here has 250f.
  11. I will be up in Sisseton SD for a month working for the Indian Health Services. Is there any mx tracks in that area of SD,ND, or MN? Any kind of riding in this area? If so I would need someone to twist it with! All opinions welcome. Dave
  12. Kentucky

    Thats right! anyone is more than welcome to join. More people to twist it with the better!
  13. Oregon

    What y'all have described sounds great! I love riding sand. I enjoy the whole atmosphere of camping and dune riding. I ride a lot of motocross as well. That is all I ride here in KY with a little bit of trail riding. All the trail riding out here is for UTV and quads. A lot of the riding out here is private and you have to know people. Land is so cheap and cost of living is so low sometimes I think about staying and just building an awesome moto compound but I know that nothing can replace dunes or desert riding. I want to keep moto in my normal routine of riding but as I get older I know now that I need my hands to make a living. It sounds like seattle or portland are great places to check out. Like I mentioned, Im not looking to settle down and do the white picket fence anytime soon so being around a good bar/restaurant scene would be nice for a couple more years. Once again, thanks for all the helpful responses. P.S if anyone have any dentist friends?