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  1. ok thank you very much the both of you for your help. i think i will go with the stator plate based on your opinions. thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone i have just recently purchased a new pit bike to me and it was not running. i tested it for a spark and found it had none. i took off the side cover and saw that part of the stator plate had broken clean off. now i was wondering do i need to get a new stator plate or can i just get an inner rotor kit? i cant seem to tell if i need the new stator plate because it is about 15 dollars cheaper for the inner rotor kit...thanks in advance to everyone. Josh
  3. thanks a ton everyone for your input...especially coop and jsan you guys are awesome. i have a 03 ttr250 and its pretty much stock and i was planning on turning it into an uncorked coopdawg modded ripping machine. first question i had was are there any of those jets that could possibly be mailed to me? also did anyone ever fine tune the sprocket tooth issue? ill post pics and such when i have them...thanks again everyone. EDIT: i live at about 2800-3000 ft and it goes anywhere from 0-100+ degrees here.
  4. ended up not needing the compression found for this bike. because the top end blew about 2 days after i got it running again but thank you all so much for all your help. and sharing of stories
  5. hey i just wanted to say thank you to everyone including the poster of this topic as i have learned a great deal about endurance training thanks to everyone.
  6. what should the compression be for my 94 yz80? thanks in advance