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    2003 yz 250 jetting

    i dont know when it last had a top end i just bought it not to long ago. but it seems to have good power.
  2. to start of my bike is a 2003 yz 250 it has a fmf gnarly and power core 2 and boysen reeds.OK so here is the problem my bike had a 175 main 50 pilot ne3j needle. and well there was tons of black oily stuff running down my silencer. it also seems to run a little funny right before it gets into the top of the rpm's. i am at 5,600 ft. so i just wanted to know what you guys would recommend. i changed the main to 170 and repacked my silencer. i don't now how to tell what lossition the needle clip is in. do i count from the top of the needle or the bottom. well mine is on the second down from the top. thanks to every one that can help.