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  1. Lander

    any tricks to starting a cr 500?

    I have an 87 and I can only speak from my experience as most people have different tricks. I compare them to a fine woman... you have know how to talk, pet and treat them just right to get what you want. If you kick it like a 250, you will be there all day, I forgot this once and actually kicked long enough I had crank case oil spewing out of the pipe... Here are my steps for success, this may or may not work for yours: 1) Open the petcock, lean the bike over until fuel drips out of the overflow. (this lets you know there is fuel in the carb.) 2) I crack the throttle a couple times. (2 maybe 3) 3) Open the choke. 4) Roll the kicker over 4 to 8 times... SLOWLY, just a gradual roll over to get fuel in the cylinder and let her know she needs to be thinking about pleasing her master. =) 5) Once I feel she is ready to purr and please I will open the throttle a hair, get the piston on TBC and roll it over a little harder than I did when I was prepping her. 6) Mine will typically fire right up on the first or second kick. Slow and steady is the name of the game here, if you get frustrated and start kicking the hell out of her she will turn off and you are done for awhile. I would never tell anyone what to run in there bike but I run GP7 32:1 to 40:1 depending on if its in the middle of summer or if I am running the dunes or trails. I like a little more oil for hotter weather, I want to make her internals are nice and lubricated. I hope this helps!!
  2. Lander

    Front Razor Back?

    You don't think they work too well? I rode the dunes this last weekend and had a heck of time turning. I was thinking a ribbed tire could help that.
  3. Lander

    Front Razor Back?

    The smooth tire with a rib down the center specifically designed for the sand.
  4. Lander

    Front Razor Back?

    I have been searching for a front Razor Back for my 87 CR500. I have not found one... Anyone else find one anywhere? Thank you in advance!
  5. Lander

    Came to the dark side....NEW 200 XCW

    I ride a 87 CR500, I am all about power band! I have never ridden a KTM, I am very intrigued by there design and creativity. The fenders, brake rotors and all the little things that make them worth the price.
  6. Lander

    Came to the dark side....NEW 200 XCW

    That's a sick ride! What is the power band like on that bad boy? Congratulations!!!
  7. Lander

    Air Filter Oil Help.

    I am old school, I run marvel mystery oil. Always.
  8. Lander

    Sprocket Configuration?

    Hi all. I am new to the forums here, I have been enjoying the format and am just recently back in the saddle with a 1987 CR500. I bought another rear wheel assembly so I could change from sand to dirt effortlessly, as my plans for this bike are multi-faceted. My question is, the rear factory sprocket is a 49 tooth. I had run this on the trails and liked it. The new wheel assy I bought has a 51 tooth and is what I loaded my paddle onto... Any opinions on what is the best set up for all around performance? I like being the banshee eater on the sand, hill climbs and tree shots are my forte' and I don't want to sacrifice that. If a 51 tooth sprocket will compromise that, I will go buy another 49 tooth before I hit the dunes for memorial day. Thanks for the feedback in advance!