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  1. moving4ward

    09 Yamaha YZ450 carb choke leaking fuel??

    Thanks for the help Gray, ill definately be taking it in.
  2. moving4ward

    09 Yamaha YZ450 carb choke leaking fuel??

    Even with the bike shutoff(fuel petcock on) it still leaks out from behind the slide?(when i pull the choke out) And i do not see it leaking anywhere else at all. I dont know, im pretty confused because if there isnt supposed to be fuel in that passageway how is it getting there even if its flooding? Im not a carb person, so i dont know a whole lot. It bothers me because its brand new. Any other ideas grayracer? Oh and my left fork seal has already started leaking!
  3. Hey everyone, new to the site and this would be my first post. I have a question about my newly bought 09 YZ450. I noticed today that when i went to pull out the choke on the carb that it(the choke lever) was leaking fuel. So my question is, is there a seal or o-ring that may have gone bad? Also being that i do have a 30 day warranty(still good) should i take it in to the dealer and have them replace it or would it be easier to do it myself? Any and all input is greatly appreciated!