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  1. XxCrazyBikerxX

    Hill Climb on a 2-Stroke?

    The 85 i was looking at was a YZ85, 2007
  2. XxCrazyBikerxX

    How much to sell a 100 for?

    Thanks, that how much i was think, i paid 1500 for it, but it was in way worse shape than now, so ill try to get 1500 for it
  3. Hey, i was wondering if i could get some suggestions of how much to sell my bike for. Its a 2005 Crf100f. Its got ProTaper CR High bars, factory 909 grips, brand new kenda knobby tire, new sprockets and chain, and a new casing(broke old one). A few scratchs, but what can you expect. Thanks
  4. XxCrazyBikerxX

    Hill Climb on a 2-Stroke?

    If i do get one it will most likely be a 85, becuas atm i have a crf100
  5. I was wondering if there was anything different between hill climbing on a 2-stroke from a 4-stroke. I know how to on a four-stroke, but might get a two-stroke. Thanks:banana: