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  1. kevinchaloux

    new to me 200exc wont start

    well, figured it out. a couple pieces of the cylinder wall chipped off from around the exhaust port and chewed up the piston pretty bad. anyone know if the cylinder wall can be fixed? or know where i can get a new one?
  2. kevinchaloux

    new to me 200exc wont start

    ok, so this is my first 2 stroke it is a 04 200exc and the previous owner did a top end rebuild right before i bought it (have the invoices to prove) and everything was great when i bought it. started first kick on 5 or 6 occasions throughout the day then after riding for 45 minutes or so it shut off and will not run. i replaced the spark plug, it has a new vforce 3 reed cage with good reeds, jetting was good while it was running, took off the carb and cleaned it just in case, kill switch is functioning properly. had plenty of power while running but after troubleshooting for a few hours i went to get a compression test kit. now the compression is reading 65 psi and the bike wont run. is there anything the PO could have messed up in the rebuild that would cause this issue? any help is greatly appreciated, im stuck here.
  3. kevinchaloux

    no longer a DRZ owner

    yeah so far i love it, its so much more stable at speeds, which i like because i do a lot of highway riding. but i got as a trade for my drz with some cash and its only got 3k miles so it was a pretty good deal, and as for going to the 1000cc i dont think that will be necisary considering i only weigh 135 lbs i prob will end up getting another drz sometime for more hooligan riding tho, thats the only thing i miss. but thanks everyone il keep ya posted on how it goes
  4. kevinchaloux

    no longer a DRZ owner

    sorry heres some pics of the new bike, its def a very different riding style and will take some getting used to.
  5. kevinchaloux

    no longer a DRZ owner

    it was great while it lasted but today my 06 sm was traded for a 06 gsxr 750 thanks for all your help!
  6. kevinchaloux

    Bike is dead. Ideas?

    buy my 2006 sm problem solved
  7. kevinchaloux

    Q's for my DRZ400SM

    +1 on the edge
  8. kevinchaloux

    does Anyone Know!

    thanks everyone, it was a huge help!
  9. kevinchaloux

    does Anyone Know!

    thats what i was afraid of
  10. kevinchaloux

    does Anyone Know!

    where can i get the right side plactics to cover the exhaust in white with the 400sm sticker on it? i cant find them anywhere thanks.
  11. does anyone have a right side plastic that covers the exhaust can for a 06 sm that is not all scratched up that i could buy? white with the 400sm sticker on it
  12. kevinchaloux

    SDG tall seat

    i just got mine and so far i like it
  13. kevinchaloux

    SDG tall seat

    does anyone have any pics of this on the drz? i cant find any
  14. kevinchaloux

    Just low-sided....

    glad to see ur ok
  15. kevinchaloux

    Drz 400 Passenger Foot Pegs

    you can have mine if i can have your passenger peg eliminators.