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  1. 2in2out

    Tusk Enduro Light kit help

    I thought I’d add some pics since I replicated this install on a new-to-me 2014 WR450. Again, I wanted to not incorporate the tusk on-off switch, and have the light system switch off with the master switch so I don’t leave my lights on and kill my battery. I also wanted to clean up the already crowded bar space. Step 1: Remove the multi-plug from the main wiring harness forward of the battery. Remove the blade terminal from the plug with the brown/green + red/blue/green wires. Step 2: I soldered the Red fused Tusk lead that goes to the battery to the blade terminal. I used heat shrink to bind and insulate it prior to insertion back into the plug body. Step 3: Re-assemble plug and press play.
  2. 2in2out

    Where to find a OEM seat 14 WR450F

    I need space in my garage. 2014 OEM seat in good condition. $50. PM me if intersted.
  3. 2in2out

    Where is my new 2016 WR450F?

    So my wife gives me the ok for a new bike. I immediately come here and see all this stuff on the 2016's. I'm completely stoked by all the praise the new bike is getting. So I go to the local dealership to put my sweaty palms on one. I get there to find a 2015 marked as a 2016. Sales guy comes up and I ask, "Have any 2016's?" "You're hands are on it!" "Nuh-uh! This looks nothing like the 2016 I saw on multiple websites." "Don't know what to tell you..." "This is a 2015..." "No, its a 16..." "No, it's a 15. Even the VIN says 15. Here's a pic of the 2016. See the difference?" "Don't know what to say. That's the only 16 we have." That's the last time I will ever go into that showroom. I stop into an out of town shop when we traveled for some personal business. They have a 2016 on the floor. It's got a Q4 on it and Cycra Probends. I ask if it has the competition ECU. Sales guy says he knows nothing about the bike except its $9660 OTD. Like Krannie, I can't seem to pull the trigger. I know I want it, it's a matter of the cheap mo-fo in me saying get the best deal. I was in Az and Las Vegas yesterday, and couldn't bring myself to stop and see. I brought a bike home while I was out of town on business once. That wasn't good for the marriage. I have a shop in Idaho that quoted me a great deal previously. I want to give them a shot, because I really have no other option. I'm guessing I'll get serious in September.
  4. 2in2out

    Dealer Rant: Michael's PowerSports Reno

    Sonoma Cycles is on my list. I just haven't been in Winnemmucca during business hours. I was in Nampa, and stopped in to Snake River Yamaha. Those guys know what service is. I've never seen a bike shop so busy, and everyone getting helped in a timely manner. It was like being at a Les Schwab for bikes. I met the owner, and he gave me an extremely good deal if I return to do business with them.
  5. 2in2out

    Boise, Nampa, Meridian bike shops

    Thanks guys. I'll take a look.
  6. I stopped in to Michael's Powersports several weeks ago, and had some price questions about a bike on their floor. I was approached by a sales person, and gave my questions to the salesman. They were simple questions. "What is the OTD price? Are there any dealer incentives/offers, and what is the dealer margin." He said he would have to ask his manager. I watched as the salesman went into the managers office and parked his ass in a chair and commenced to a converstation about nothing related to my questions. I meandered closer to the managers office. Not a bit o further attention turned to me. I stayed for 10 minutes waiting for my answer, within full view of the salesman and manager. I ended up walking after this. The other day, I gave it another shot, since I like to support my local businesses. I walked the floor again. I circled the bike I was interested in for 10 minutes or more, within arms reach of the same salesman as he circled prey intersted in a quad they could not afford. Not once did he ask if I needed help. Irritated I went to cruise the parts department. I'll say the parts department has never let me down on service. I've had good interactions with other sales staff previously, but currently I have been completely let down. Prices on bikes have been crazy too. After research, I have found they have their holdovers priced significantly higher than other dealers within 150 miles. Those dealers were much more willing to deal, and much more responsive. Anyone else having similar experiences?
  7. I'll be in the Boise, Nampa, Meridian area tomorrow with some time to kill, and am looking to check out some quality shops I may do business with in the future. My local shop has burned me with piss poor customer service, and since I frequent the Boise area a lot during the summer, thought I might establish a new relationship for my future major purchase. Can anyone suggest to me a quality Yamaha Shop in these areas? Thanks.
  8. 2in2out

    Riding Quotes

    "Ever notice that you never see a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist office?" Not sure if it was a t-shirt or something else.
  9. 2in2out

    2012 wr450

    Krannie, I respect your opinions, but I must reply on the terms of a "short, fat guy" (5'8" 230, inseam: nunya business!!!). Pegs are high. Very high. Just like the YZ250F. - I liked them. Made me feel like I was on a mountain bike, or a rider in the steeple chase. Seat is very low. 2+ inches lower than a stock '11. - I can finally get my leg over without standing on the low side peg and stand. Cockpit is CRAMPED with the stock bars. I found it difficult to get my elbows up in a natural position. - I found the bars to be low. Definitely need risers. Shrouds stick out a ridiculous amount! It's almost like a clown-car they stick out so much.......way past the forks....I don't get it.....even farther than the YZ's. They will catch trees and brush very badly. - On my '08 after I put the IMS tank on, and YZ shrouds, it felt even worse. I think it's somewhat of a matter of perception to how wide they are. It has a slim tank. When the bigger tanks come, I bet the feeling of the shrouds being wide dissipates. It didn't feel wide on my knees when I was in the saddle. Again, these are observations from a "short, fat k....oooh, cake!!!!
  10. 2in2out

    2012 wr450

    My local shop just got the first one in. I was able to throw my leg over it, climb all over it, and I like. Now time to find funding.
  11. 2in2out

    2012 wr450

    Controversial thought process, but I've bought off on it. http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm
  12. 2in2out

    2012 wr450

    SuperMega, which shop did you order yours from? Michael's in Reno doesn't know when theirs will come in? And what was your OTD with all the schwag?
  13. 2in2out

    2012 wr450

    So jealous!!!
  14. 2in2out

    2012 wr450

    All this talk about weight just makes me laugh. Reminds me of all the emphasis on weight put on MTB's in the late 90's early 2000's. I saw friends spend their life savings on the newest, lightest titanium bit to save half a gram. Most of their egos weighed that much, and none of it mattered, because they lacked skill or ability in most areas of riding. Frames and parts broke and corroded. They spent more money on the newest, lightest crap. If I were to get a '12 WR, by the time I'm done making the usual mods (Bash plate, Radiator guards, hand guards, dry cell battery, exhaust, tires, larger fuel tank, DS lighting kit, etc...) the amount of weight difference is already out the window. I had a pretty smart guy tell me that if the new part I was buying came in lightweight materials (titamium, etc) or standard material (steel) that if it didn't produce a weight savings by a minimum 5% for the overall bike weight, it wasn't worth the extra cost, and wouldn't change the weight dynamics and kinetics that much. I'll carry more weight in water, fuel, food and tools in my pack that will also make the difference less and less noticable. Having good suspension and better ergos will help reduce fatigue. If the EFI will have less potential for flame-outs with large elevation changes, chances of having dead starts on nasty or technical terrain will be less = less fatigue. I'm not sold on the looks. I'd like to have a 6th gear. I'd like it to be DS ready in the US. Anniversary B&G would be awsome. More oil capacity, or options for a GYTR oil cooler would be great. Make it sprung for the majority of riders, not 16 y/o MX'r types whose waistline has equalled their age yet. And, get rid of the AC/DC stator, and go full DC with an output we all would like.
  15. 2in2out

    Moonrocks - Firewood?

    There is a place on sunshine lane that sells firewood cut and split. Don't know the cost. Please don't harvest the sage or junipers, as they are the only things holding the soil from blowing off to the Nightengale Range or Pyramid lake.