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  1. So im better off in selling this pipe and get a mrd/ssw? since they are the cheapest?
  2. Where can i get just the header part? with out spending the lot on the hole thing since i have half of it already?
  3. It has a Yoshimura RS-3 STAINLESS/STAINLESS, but no header. does it matter?
  4. The box is not cut. Bike has 7600 miles on it now. Yes i ride a lot i got it with 6900. When i asked the guy he said he had jetted it. But bike just does not feel right to me. Also some time the bike will turn off when im at a light. if i blip the throttle in away. The head gasket looks like it has been touch which makes me weridy of it. Im going to take a pic and post it maybe you call can take a little look. i kind of also want to get in there and see if the bolts where every touch.
  5. So i bought a 2007 DRZ 400 sm. has a slip on exhaust. But how would i tell if it had motor work, or its jetted or anything of those things? My friend has same year bike as me and does not sound the same my sounds lumpy and not to smooth idle as his does. Also when i floor it power seem good then dies and then good again. Something is not all that right here. Any help on testing and searching how to see will be of a help! Thank you, Also if would be of a help i can always post some pics of serene things to give more of a idea. The motor is also little weird looking. i would have to post pic for you all to see what im talking about.
  6. Thanks man!
  7. Thanks all! i will give it a shot. Hope i can take some photos and post them up for everyone with a little how too! well see how well i do!
  8. I been searching and have not found anything on this topic. i got a used edge 2 tail light and looking on the how to install it to the bike? Also how long would this take?
  9. Hey i just picked up a 86 DR200 and needs some tlc and wondering if anyone has a manual for it so i can see how things work. And also if anyone has some parts for it would be great help. list anything you have. Thanks