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  1. t0y0d4

    What should i use for oil?

    I just bought a new 2009 DR-z400S and have the same question. The dealership says I should only use Suzuki brand 10-40W conventional until 5000 miles and no synthetics until after 5000. The manual recommends oil changes at 4000 mile intervals. That seems long to me. How often do people here go between changes? What brand oill filters are recommended. I use K&N oil filters.
  2. t0y0d4

    DRZ Seat is killing me

    I also bought a new Corbin and found it to have a problem. I was always sliding forward into the low spot near the tank. When I kept my ass way back it was comfortable but I always ended up scrunched up at the front of the tank. I duct taped extra padding on top of the seat to fill in the "hole" near the front of the tank. I basically recreated the stock seat height on the front half of the seat. I then shipped it back to corbin and had the remake the seat. It cost almost as much as buying the seat again but now my seat is finally comfortable and looks good. I think if you are 6 feet or taller then the corbin is way to low on the front half of the seat.
  3. t0y0d4

    DRZ Seat is killing me

    Everybody thanks for the input - it sounds like the answer for me is break down and buy the corbin seat. I think that there is something wrong with the stock foam - it seems like it is fighting with my ass.
  4. t0y0d4

    DRZ Seat is killing me

    I just purchased a new 2009 DRZ 400S and love almost everything about it. There is 1 huge problem - the seat. I cannot ride for more than 20 miles without severe ass pain. NO JOKES PLEAS:foul: E - I have read other peoples posts regarding this. Has anyone here tried replacing the stock height seat foam with the stock height soft foam from guts racing?http://www.gutsracing.com/ Does the tall soft foam work better? I am 6'3" and the stock height seems about perfect for me but will go taller if needed to save my butt. I know about the corbin seats and the other custom seat makers but would like to find something for a more reasonable price.