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  1. i turned my idle up just little bit seemed to help but still suspect the float and wrong jetting with aftermarket pipe and the bike being from reno nv and living in the SF bay area
  2. supertrap ids-2 sounds good and adjustable!!!!
  3. Kill The Money

    1996 KTM RXC 620 Help.

    The switch with (. P H) ? First, that switch controls the lights: head light and rear brake / running light. the head light has two bulbs, one is in the corner and one in the center. park is in the corner and center is hi/lo. . = OFF P = park H = headlight, just like a car hope this helps
  4. Kill The Money

    1998 KTM RXCe

    just bought a 1995 KTM 620rxc with a moto front wheel and big brake, mukni 41 carb and super trap IDS-2 muffler 16-39 sprocket ... set up for track for 1800 bucks... bike rips now i get to work in 5 min seriously
  5. Kill The Money

    Street Legal 620sc from RXC frame

    you mean the "stunt pegs":ride:
  6. Kill The Money

    Street Legal 620sc from RXC frame

    i have a 1995 ktm 620 rxc with just the front 17 inch moto wheel and big brake bought off of e-bay... by the owner before me try getting a hold of "Pro Wheel" ...also you can get new spokes and rim and re-lace it that is what im going to do for the rear