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  1. jeramy88

    05 rmz 450 wont start when hot!!

    yea i tried the hot start and kickin it from top dead center and it seems to start easier i guess i just got use to not using the hot start cause it would start up easy before, but it does seem to get hot pretty fast and i run engine ice is their somethin else that i can do to help it cool faster thanks
  2. jeramy88

    05 rmz 450 wont start when hot!!

    yea im gonna have it checked again ill post back thanks
  3. jeramy88

    05 rmz 450 wont start when hot!!

    Need help please!!! anytime of the day i can start my bike when its cold i choke it starts right up and runs great and if i ever stall it or shut it off and go to start it back up it wont start unless i bump start it i notice it wants to over heat and boil over when i ride for a while specially on a hot day. When i first got it, it never had this problem. Well i took it in to have the valves checked they were fine they tightened up the cam chain and put a new spark plug in it and it still has the same problem if anybody has had this problem or knows somethin please let me know thanks