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  1. Contact he can do them for sure. Tell him cole armstrong sent you should hook you up very good
  2. for Graphics hit up tell him cole armstrong sent you he will hook you up real goood
  3. complete custom and good price, tell him cole armstrong sent you. he will hook it up
  4. where in az?
  5. okat thank you
  6. will it work with no problems?
  7. hows the power compared to the kx250f?
  8. anyone know where i can buy a ktm ez up looked on google didnt find much thank you
  9. would it be cheaper to buy this head or to have mine re seated and all that by a machineist, my valves have zerod out. also does that head come with everything but valves or do i need to buy vavlves, springs,seats,retainers, and guides? thanks!
  10. what year is that last year they did any major changes to? thanksss
  11. need some help, might be buying a kx125 just wonderin what are some things i should know about this year for the bike any major problems with them? let me know thanks
  12. Soo my intake valve is zerod out so i need to get the whole head rebuilt and was just wondering if it would be cheaper to buy a new head rather than have this one go to the machine shop and evrything? and those who have rebuilt there whole head how much was it for and everything. let me know thanks
  13. Hey Guys, Just was wondering are different brands like suzuki,honda, yamaha,kawasaki,ktm easy to be approved for financing? let me know thanks
  14. nice good write up, let us know how the suspeninos and cams work out for you
  15. one of my buddys put a 2010 front fender on his 08 i think he had to drill holes in it though