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  1. Baldhills

    tu-bliss tires?

    Awesome Product and their service is top notch!
  2. take the carb out completely. You don't need to disconnect the throttle cables just leave them connected. Loosen the clamps on the head and air filter end and slide it fwd then rotate it out. Very easy!
  3. Baldhills

    2008 250 xcf-w low end power

    I have a 2009 XCFW and i love it! I put the FMF mega bomb, jd jet kit, and a merge adj leak jet on it and it rips! It's very trail friendly and doesn't tire you out. I ride with guys on 450's alot and it holds its own well.
  4. Baldhills

    Works Connection skid plate for '08 XC-W's & EXC's

    Nice looking skid plate. Are you going to have one for an 09 25o XCF-W in the future?