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    looking for my first MX bike

    yeah I've been looking at some 125's also, my only concern with that is will it be enough power to move 220 pounds fast enough to have some fun, or will the suspension be able to handle it
  2. Well, i've been riding quads since i was 7, and i'm turning 18 this month(yay me!) and i've wanted to race my quad for some time now, but the closest track that allows quads is 5 hours away, so i want to get a mx bike so i can race at my local track. I would be riding the bike mainly at the track, i might trail ride it like once or twice a year that would be about it, i can drive a 5 speed so that's no problem, the problem im having is finding a bike that's not too tall for me, i'm like 5 foot 8 and weigh 220(i should lose some weight i know), can you guys suggest any starter bikes for me to get into the sport? i'm not looking to be the best i just want to go out and have fun at the track with my dad/friends. by the way im kind of partial to honda.