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  1. Thanks for looking that up!
  2. Does anyone know if the 05-08 part from bikebandits.com is compatible with an '04? Thanks
  3. They're $75+ on eBay. Looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet, as there seem to be no cheaper alternatives. Thanks for the help everyone. If anyone else has any ideas, please chime in.
  4. It's an '04. Just checked bikebandit.com. They no longer just have that part for my year at least. You have to buy the whole assembly for $101.09. Jeez, what a rip. Thanks for the help though.
  5. Hi, After rebuilding my bike all winter, first time out, I break my kickstarter... The splined part (28302-MEB-670) is the only part that broke, but it seems that the part is discontinued and I have to buy the whole assembly for $90+! Anyone know of anywhere I can just get the part I need or a salvage yard online that I can check (I checked my local dealer, eBay, old posts, and some online sites). Thanks
  6. Anyone? My manual doesn't go into the details regarding the specifications of the rings or if there is anything that I can measure on the piston to determine if it is out of spec. Thanks
  7. Thanks!
  8. Update: I purchased a leakdown tester and I'm reading 100% loss! It won't hold any air and I can hear the bubbles in my oil! Looks like I'm in the market for a new piston/rings, which I should have done in the first place. Is there any way I can measure anything on the old piston and rings to verify that that is the issue and it needs replaced? Thanks
  9. Is it okay for there to be slight side-to-side play in the crankshaft? There is no up and down play. I don't suspect anything is wrong, but while I had the bike apart, I checked it and wanted to verify whether this was okay or not. Thank you.
  10. The person I purchased it from replaced the piston recently (at least I was told that). I inspected the piston and rings and it looked okay, but that is an option to explore. Thanks
  11. Thank you for the fast reply. Yes, the lobes are off the valves. I am planning on purchasing a leakdown tester, but if I am able to blow enough pressure to hear bubbles (much less pressure than would be induced with a leakdown tester), wouldn't that indicate a problem?
  12. I'm having issues starting my bike '04 CRF450 (already replaced the head, shimmed valves, rebuilt carb, etc.). I had the valve cover off to double-check timing and thought a leakdown test may be in order. I don't have one, so before I went to buy one, I blew air into the spark plug hole with a compression tester and hose and was able to hear bubbles in the crankcase (piston is TDC, cam chain is disconnected and there is no pressure holding the valves open). What does this mean? Are my piston or rings bad? Thanks
  13. Yes, you are correct. I had them confused. The fuel screw fell out. Regarding my timing question, wouldn't an issue with timing effect the entire rev range, not just idling and starting? Like I said, the bike runs great on throttle, it just won't start with the kickstarter and idle properly. Thanks again
  14. Thanks, I'll try the old pilot jet. Regarding the timing, wouldn't I have issues in the upper rev ranges, as well, if that were a contributor to the problem? It runs great when I'm giving it gas, only the idling and starting is the issue.
  15. Update: Found the pilot screw on my driveway. I think I had it too loose and it vibrated out. It runs fine in the upper rev range now, but still does not idle. Thanks