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  1. finally my transmission showed up and is all in place and working good, just waiting on my cam chain to show up so i can throw the rest of the motor together and see how it runs
  2. I am putting in a wiseco hi comp piston, hot cranks crank, new seals bearings, stage 1 hot cams cam, new clutch plates and hub, and a newer transmission. I also got a new fmf titanium power bomb, I already had a power core silencer and boyseen quick shot. Just wasn't too sure if there is anything else to look into while its all apart.
  3. I've found a complete transmission in great shape that I'm swapping into my bike now. Any suggestions on parts i should upgrade while my bike is opened up?
  4. clutch springs were no good and basket is grooved, but the bike wouldn't shift up even when it wasn't running.
  5. I pulled my trans apart and nothing looks burnt or scratched up but the inside diameter on the left and right shift forks is .01 past the service limit so I'll replace both of them but would that have caused my problems or is there something else to look for?
  6. my 2004 250r won't shift above 2nd gear some times and other times can shift through all 5 gears, any ideas on what is wrong?