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  1. Outlaw MX Clothing

    Family starting to ride

    Maybe a CRF150F for your girls, or maybe just for the 14 year old and go with the CRF100 for the 12 year old. I started on a 150 and I think it's a great starter bike because it isn't too much to handle in terms of power, it's not too heavy (I've heard the 230 is a bit heavier) and there's room for improvement...in other words you won't get bored of it after only a few months. It taught me to ride!
  2. Outlaw MX Clothing

    Newer Rider Needs Help

    Thanks for the reply. I like the YZ250F, so I'll probably just go with that in the end. I have a Honda now and have always liked Hondas, but I've heard so much about how the CR250F is very powerful (especially the new '09) which made me think it might be too much...I've heard that for smaller riders, YZ's and RM's are better....anyone know if there's a lot of truth to this?
  3. Outlaw MX Clothing

    Newer Rider Needs Help

    Hi everyone. I guess I'll start by introducing myself. I go by C.C. and I'm new to these forums. I'm hoping you all can help me make a decision on which bike I should get next. I started riding about 2 1/2 years ago, when my husband introduced me to dirt bike riding. I still have my first bike, a CRF150F. I love the bike, but lately I feel like I need to move up. It started when I decided to try riding my husband's YZ250F....I loved it and now my bike seems WAY too boring. Sooo...I've been looking at all kinds of different bikes. My main questions are: I'm used to riding 4-strokes, would getting onto a 2-stroke...like maybe a 125...be more difficult for me? Also, I really like Hondas, but I've heard that the newer CRF250R's are WAY powerful....would it be too much for me to handle since I just started on a 250? I could always just go with the Yamaha since I know I can ride it, but since I haven't tried anything else, I don't know how to compare the different bikes' power, size, handling, etc. I usually ride areas like Cal City, mostly all desert riding. I REALLY want to try riding track. I'm 5'5" and about 125. Sorry I wrote so much, but I could really use the advice. Thanks!
  4. Outlaw MX Clothing

    vegas supercross

    How much are you asking for the tickets?