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  1. tmx597

    Wr250x Ais

    Will doing the AIS removal kit throw any codes?
  2. tmx597

    wr250x yosh pipe slider?

    I like to crash! and the awesome thing about the wrx is that it is self protected!!! As my bike and I were sliding across the ground I looked back and thought, " OH MY NEW FMF PIPE!!!!" Upon retrival of the bike I found that the passager pegs had protected it from any damage. I came out no body damage, but, scuffed, rider and passager pegs, bars, and axles. Not much damage, filed out the scuffs and you can't even tell... That is an awesome idea to have sliders on the rear the round yosh can may stick out a bit farther than the oval FMF. I have since gotten axle sliders.