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  1. Update.... Just put in a new k&n air filter and cleaned out caked mud in the box.... It moves pretty good now haha... I guess the guy i bought it from didnt just get it back from the shop like he said... Oh well
  2. Im not completely new to the sport i mean i have been trail ridding all my life and all i want is to know is how much faster i can make it and if its worth my while because im getting smoked by my friends moded Banshee and i figured with a few mods myself that a bike should beat a quad.... Idk mabe im wrong?
  3. Oh yea and would it worth the money to get V force3 reeds?
  4. Thanks everyone
  5. Hey i just got a 2000 yz 125 and i was wanting some opinions on the best and most cost effective ways to upgrade it and make it faster. Any input is appreciated thanks