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  1. ya this what mine do!!!
  2. ?????
  3. i love it
  4. Okay I have had this bike for a couple weeks now and love it. Today was the first time i have taken it offroad and the front forks seem really stiff. I was wondering what i have to do to get it more like a big bike. Thanks!!!!
  5. Pretty surprised on how well it ran. started right up first kick. Thanks for the help everyone.
  6. Just got the new bike so excited!!! Just need to loctite everything and change the oil now then I'll go out and ride it. Anything else I may be forgetting to do before?
  7. Hey thanks for the help. I was also wondering what is a good exhaust for the bike or should i keep the stock?
  8. Hey I ordered my DX3 the other night from sgr usa and was wondering what are some good first mods to put on it! Thanks!