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    Suzuki DR-Z400S 2007

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    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2007)


  3. GDan

    O-ring's dimension

    Does anyone know the exact dimensions of the o-ring from the front of oil filter and oil filter cover? Thank you.
  4. You are rigt. It's working very well. Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Which means it must be used when starting the hot engine? If so, then must be pushed back? Thank you!
  6. Yes, the bike sit unused some time, but when we bought it, it started and worked fine. When we came home with it, we pulled this blue button, because we thought is a fuel vane. It was night and we didn't pay attention to hoses to see that is an air path. I pushed the button back and make the adjustments and now it's working fine.
  7. As I said, I have solved the problem. The problem was this air by-pass. The blue button was pulled to the left, which I think means that is was ON. The hose from the right is attached to air filter box and the left side hose is attached to engine inlet, near the main hose of carburetor outlet. Now I don't know what is this by-pass good for. The motorcycle is a DRZ 400 E 2001. Tks!
  8. I solved the problem. I feel stupid now because I dismounted the carburetor and the problem was in a totally difrent place. When I bought the motorcycle, I didn't pay attention to the owner when he explained what the blue button do. So I thought is a fuel vane an it must be opened. I didn't see that the connection hoses are from the carb inlet to the engine inlet, so no fuel passing. It is a by-pass. Now I'm not sure how is this vane positioned when the engine works fine. I think it's closed. I will check tonight. Untill then, can you tell me what is this by-pass good for?
  9. Hello! I have a DRZ 400 E and suddenly it's engine started to shut off at idle speed. I have tried to adjust it's idle speed turning the throttle stop screw but the response was very slow, comparing to other similar engine. All I've got is a high idle speed and something very wrong: after a small or big throttle turning, the engine doesn't come back to it's idle speed. What is wrong? After a full day of forum reading, I think I must adjust de fuel screw or pilot mixture screw (I think is the same thing, isn't it?). Is this correct? If it's not, please help me. Thank you!