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  1. newkid

    230 up grades....

    There`s a lil plastic skid plate in the front and doesn`t go all the way back. its stock. What are skid plates for and should i be getting one? i`m just on the stock one
  2. So a month and a half ago i was at red creek off road and slid into a big four wheeler rut, water about 6 inches above air filter but not in the exhaust. It still won`t start. We`ve cleaned the spark plug of gunk, drained carb by the screw on the bottom and cleaned air filter, we need to change the oil it has a muddy look and will change the gas. A full list of what to do in what order would help. We tried engine starter and it makes the engine sound normal when cranking but as soon as you let off the button it dies. Its an 08 crf230f
  3. ok thanks man. really helped.
  4. newkid

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    I`ve got mine re-jeeted 135 main(sea level), stock 42 pilot(dont get THAT cold) and 03 needle. Uni Air Filter and BBR pipe. Dont like the pipe though. it works perfect but the dammed BBR STICKER thing on it scraped off washing it with a hose and is halfway peeled off
  5. So i need new tires and I`m not sure what tire specs and sizes need to match when getting a tire, I was looking to buy two rear mud tires but not sure they make them this small 18 x 8-7(Thats the size of the stock tire) smallest vampire size i see is:22x8.00-10 would this work? Any suggestions on tires or help with my Q would be appreciated, Thanks
  6. newkid

    06` Yamaha Raptor 80 Tires?

    So by now in the four years of tearing up the yard, I`m pretty much riding on slicks. Wanted to see if any of you TT`ers knew of any tires that fit the bike before i start my search. Preferrably a mud style rear tires because now i use the bike to get around the swamps and hunt. Its a great bike to go hunting off of because its so quiet. 14 and still enjoy riding it.
  7. newkid

    Dirt or Sand in my Brakes

    Its just when im pushing it, it feels like theres sand somewhere on the front brakes grinding. i washed it real thorough but theres still some left somewhere. Wasn`t sure if this was a problem or not. Haven`t ridden it since i got sand in it because the battery died. I had taken it muddin and through lots of water the last ride i went. Figured that might have had something to do with it.
  8. In my front brake theres sand and dirt somehow up in there and i was wondering if i could fix this myself with 0 mechanical experience. just tell me how. Thanks.
  9. newkid

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    Alright buddy i think i have The info your lookin for. But please no need for 50 bucks. On your #1 if you live sea level like me in a fairly warm most of the year and a mild winter you want a #135 main jet and leave the pilot stock. You will need a new needle and honda makes a performance one, but from what i have read the '03 needle works just as good and thats what i got. If you live in a different climate or elevation let me know, i can tell you what you'll need. I bought the full BBR exhaust for about $330 total but FMF is supposed to add the most ponies, but its just a slip on. And i went with a UNI ait filter and all that Together really brings the bike to life. Instead of gassin it and not really havin to hold on you will be fallin off the back if you dont with those mods. #2 BBR makes fork springs and shock springs, but the fork springs i hear just make it stiffer when you sit on it, but really arent any better other than that. You could pick up some cr 85 ot 125 forks on ebay and that would work great. For the rear shock Works Performance makes a very good one but thats half your budget right there. The BBR are both under $100 #3 I haven't done anything in this department yet nor have i done any research so at the end i will give you something to google and its a project these guys did on gearing. And Last #4 theres someone on thumpertalk with a CRF230F who really went extreme on weighing down his 230. His name is ExploringWA just search him and ask him some of the major things he did that really made this bike lose pounds. Oh and that link google Project CRF230F Part 1 the guy is rick seiman and they did everythin you asked about in his project (except weight loss) Hope this helped! Sorry for any typos I am on my ipod
  10. newkid

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    why would it go slower without the rev limiter? just sayin
  11. newkid

    Tire sizes

    I was looking at some pictures of me and my friends riding and it looks like the rear wheel is smaller in diameter. It probably has a reason for that and thats what i'm asking, why is it? Thanks any answers would be nice.
  12. My uncle had stripped the screw holding the baffle in. He used the wrong thing .
  13. Hey man i have the whole exhaust you can buy.. Its for a 230. Only has one hitch though let me know if you want to buy it. Ill tell you what happened to it
  14. ok i was reading on this site with a project crf230f and they said main jet-132, pilot jet-42 stock, and the honda power up needle kit. but on bbr they have pilot as 45. if i did 45 on the pilot and didnt buy the bbr d2 pipe right away could i still run without the baffle and air restrictor and it would work right? google project crf230f part 1 if you wanna take a look. or just tell me what you think would work right
  15. newkid

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    hey hows powroll is it a good company?