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  1. Dawnskaybug

    Pitster Pro X4M leaking oil...

    Yeah Chris works for pitster the prob was a bling bling shifter(my bad) that when I slid out it didnt fold up but broke...
  2. Dawnskaybug

    Pitster Pro X4M leaking oil...

    Well I talked to this guy Chris he hooked me up he knew his stuff... We chit chatted for about an hour and after all that my next bike will be again a pitster pro..... Thanks for the top of the top of the line customer service... And Chris didnt have an accent..
  3. Dawnskaybug

    Pitster Pro X4M leaking oil...

    Nobody??? Buehler Buehler...
  4. Dawnskaybug

    Pitster Pro X4M leaking oil...

    Ok here it goes... 2008 Pitster Pro X4M street legal Motard.. Im military (USAF)shipped it to Guam $400 got it in 6 days which is unheard of here..... Had to build it up myself.. I had a bud Clokey who already ordered one so he knew what was what etc he is a hardcore motoX guy been racing since he was 11 He bought one as a DD to work I loved it I got one... Its been raced 3x 2x slid out on the left side... 1 time I dunno how it flew I just know how I flew 30 days light duty... Im leaking oil about a 6inch circle now after everytime I ride it... about 3 miles... The stock kick start was crap replaced it and next to it online was a "CNC" shifter bought that also ya know a lil bling... Last time it was slid out the "CNC shifter" broke... Oil leak is looking like maybe for the shifter going into the housing.. Maybe the shifter not giving way and breaking messed up some seals??? Any input would be appreciated GPX 160 45 miles.... This isnt a pitster pro problem... I think at 10 miles this was being raced and it was slid out and then at 20 I dunno what the bike did but I had a seperated shoulder bruised hip and ribs and a "tailbone examination" ...