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  1. thebug

    2015 San Diego Bench Racing

    What happened to BB???
  2. thebug

    2015 Supercross Oakland Rd 4 Bench Racing

    10th to 4th to 13th to 2nd Way to go Webb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. thebug

    2015 Supercross Oakland Rd 4 Bench Racing

    Where is Mike Alessi?
  4. Way to go. 12th to 1st
  5. thebug

    Rd 2 Phoenix Bench Racing

    Watching live timing. Looks like Webb was flying.
  6. thebug


    I hate Kenda's. I don't know why, but both the two types we have tried are incredibly hard to change. With 4 kids driving bikes, that amounts to a bunch of tire changing for me and I find them much harder especially the small kids tires. I wont complain about the traction, they were no different than others we have tried, but if they are hard to change, they don't get put back on.
  7. thebug

    FIM bans GoPros

    I have read a number of articles about helmet safety over the years and one thing that came up over this time was any bump or portion of the helmet that protrudes out of the helmet can increase the risk of concussions and helmet failure. I personally had a helmet, which will remain nameless, that had air vents on the top of the helmet that protruded upwards. On a relatively light crash, one of these air vents caught the ground and was pushed into the shell of the helmet. The result was to shatter the dual density foam and give me a whopper of a concussion. (14 months later I still had bruising in that spot) I was not wearing a "Cheap" helmet, but that little piece of plastic was the leading cause to my increased concussion. It may not be the camera that causes the issue as much as the glued on mount that it connects too. A helmet should be designed to with stand an impact from a likely circumstance that it was designed to be used for. If you mount a camera to your head it increases the odds of there being a impact that results in increased helmet damage. It is always with you unlike the rocks which are static. All that being said, I don't think that the FIM should mandate it, but it should be up to the riders discretion and preference. Helmets have come a long way and I am sure they will continue too. I wonder if helmet manufactures have any fine print that state anything regarding mounting camera's and safety?? The Bug
  8. thebug

    KTM= The lil' engine that could

    It is very easy to not show a profit in a business that is expanding. I have been involved in a number of smaller businesses and one went 15 years before it turned a profit on paper. At the same time it was paying employees and all the expenses. But the company was expanding at a fairly reasonable $ figure every year, making it look on paper that the company made nothing. That also meant that taxes were minimal because the company made nothing to tax. Instead of paying taxes, the profit made was invested back into the company to expand it. KTM could be doing the same thing. Don't know the inner workings, but lots of business that are "not profitable" are not necessarily doing poor, but rather not showing a profit end figure. Investing back into a company only works until you get to the size of company you want or limit to your investors. My 2 cents
  9. thebug

    Rv going to Europe

    In the case of my wife, as soon as she willing became a Canadian Citizenship, she lost her US. If you are born dual, like my kids, the US doesn't care. They were still required once 18 to file taxes and pay taxes if they made over the amount. It is a big issue that many dont realise. Many US citizens working and living in Canada don't even realize they have to file every year even if they dont exceed the amount. The Bug
  10. thebug

    Rv going to Europe

    Even if RV moves to Europe, he will still have to pay US taxes.(If he makes more than approx. 90K). The US requires all citizens living outside the US to declare their income, business and personal, and any property or business ownership yearly. All banks that do business in the US are required by Obama law to declare balances of US citizens. Unless he relinquishes his US citizenship, he will end up paying tax twice. Once over 90k they tax you regardless of if you paid taxes in the country you live in. Just a side note since I have been dealing with this with my wife and kids. The Bug
  11. I am pretty sure I tried that on my bike, but I will confirm the next time I am working on it. Thanks.
  12. thebug

    Yz125 problems (help)

    Had a strange knocking sound on a CR125. Ended up being a lose exhaust clamp and the exhaust not being lined up right. My YZ 250 had a funny rattle the other day and it turned out to be the isolation mount on the exhaust pipe at the front of the bike.
  13. thebug

    Survey - Middle, Index Finger or None?

    More often than not, I use Index and middle for the clutch and index for the brake. I cover them way more than I used to after a gnarly crash with a stuck throttle.
  14. thebug

    Brake dragging

    I have watched Gary's video on this and have practiced it over and over at our track. It is awesome to see and feel the difference dragging the rear brake has on the handling and control of the bike through a corner. Try it you wont be disappointed. Definitely has helped me in my corner speed in left hand corners for sure. The bug
  15. Put on a set of Pirelli MX 32 Intermediate softs last week and rode for over an hour last week. Started hard and dusty and finished up muddy and slick. Tires were awesome. Finally got to cleaning it today. Changed my air filter and did my checks so I can go riding tomorrow.