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  1. Thank you! Thank you! for posting comments and great pics!
  2. Thanks to all the guys who entered the contest. Some of you guys are hilarious! Thanks Bryan for orchestrating everything - outstanding guy. We will be contacting the winners via email tomorrow. Mark and Jennifer - KnobbyKnife
  3. dirtbikemark

    knobby knife what gives?

    redryder..... I think I may have talked to your wife today. I told her to give it about a week and I will express ship one to you next Monday if it doesn't come. Sometimes takes awhile to get up there. KK's are usually shipped next day. By the way... Canadian residents, the KnobbyKnife falls under the NAFTA treaty and as a US made good, you do not have to pay customs taxes!!!
  4. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    You can get a knobbyknife by going to KnobbyKnife.com. "Are we still giving them out"...not unless you were on the original list.
  5. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    Guy number 5, the KnobbyKnife is being sent your way. I have your address, but don't not have you email. Will you email me so I can send you a confirmation number? Thanks guy number 4 for testing the KK and sending it promptly to guy number 5. I'm sure they all appreciate it!!! -J
  6. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    Chunking knobbies???? The KnobbyKnife has a special scoop out effect that keeps the base smooth... keeping the Knobs more stable. If you look at the KnobbyKNife reviews the guys have not mentioned any chunking knobbies. Of course if the Knob is too far gone... there's comes a point where you just have to through the tire away.
  7. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    Guy number 4 is finished..sending it to guy number 5. It's taken alot longer than I expected. We aren't looking for anymore people to test at this time. We still have 6 on the original list and 4 on a waiting list... as it looks now we may go into 2011 before everybody get's tested -J
  8. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    I saw that... and it was definitely great!!! Thanks Hit_the_set.
  9. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    Guy number 4 start looking for your KnobbyKnife in the mail. Thanks Samras121 for trying out the KnobbyKnife and for the review.
  10. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    We decided to send out two Knobbyknives to get this thing going faster. Guy number one has been called out of town...waiting on his results. Guy number two is finished and said he will ship his out to guy number 3 tomorrow. He said he would publish his review this week. Thanks for being patient and thanks for volunteering.
  11. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    Yes, 07RMZ450RC4ME, I will give a report on the tire groover as soon as possible.
  12. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    07RMZ450RC4ME At this point, I do not have a groove attachment available for sale, but I am working on it. I actually do have a working prototype, but I am infringing on other tire grooving tools that already exist in the industry. When and if I can get around this problem, I will let the world know.
  13. dirtbikemark

    Tires explained

    No not at all. Using a KnobbyKnife is very easy. Especially considering the alternative...flipping your tire.
  14. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    Thanks fixitguy74 for putting things in perspective! The Knobby Knife guy.
  15. dirtbikemark

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    If I am not mistaken, Norton Moto is cutting his tires with the a tool designed to remove pinstripes. No wonder your knobs are chunking off. I used to cut my knobs with a razor blade also and it is not a good experience. The KnobbyKnife keeps the base of the knob smooth while the Harbor freight razor blade tool gives it a perpendicular cut at the base of the base of the knob causing your knobs to weaken. When are you going to try the real deal? I will make an exception and add you to the list on our "Trying a KnobbyKNife" promotion.