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  1. Supermotarder

    2019 KTM 690 Enduro R Recall

    Did fixing the wires fix your problem?
  2. Supermotarder

    Thanks for Getting off the couch for us Chuckie...

    Its the form of your girth.. I hope you know im jus kiddin with ya
  3. Supermotarder

    Biaggi,Niki,E-Boz,Metz,Ward,Troy and more at Apex

    uh ya sure dude.
  4. Supermotarder


    Ill be there mid morning, but im only pickin up a bike and then i gotta get back to san diego for work..
  5. Supermotarder


    fyi, They prolly dont send out issues to everybody as the orders come in. I think they send them out in bulk at bulk rates to save on shipping.(as most magazines do) I ordered mine before Christmans and aint seen it either but im sure ill get it when the next bundle of them are shipped.. Gotta figure, 15 bucks for yearly subscription of 4 magazines "shipped", they aint makin nothin on sellin magazines..
  6. Supermotarder

    DRZ400s SM worthy?

    Street bike cool, but for race bike, no way. There just no classes designed for the DRZ400 right now. I had some fun racin one a couple weeks back, but no matter how much faster i was in corners, I would get reeled right back in on the long straight by 450's "easily"... the weight/power disadvantages were huge with that bike..
  7. Supermotarder

    Biaggi @ Grange!!!

    ok, thas a respectable observation..
  8. Supermotarder

    Biaggi @ Grange!!!

  9. Supermotarder

    race prep questions

    Being a person who started two racing orgs in the past 5 years (non supermoto related) and knowing all the work and money that goes into it with little or no return other than getting a few local riders out to a track to have a good time.. Its disturbing to me to read how un'apreciative or maby just misinformed some are torward the local club scene.. While AMA has its place, so do the local clubs.. If it werent for the local clubs there wouldnt be half the racers there are accross the country and the price to race would be more than the average person could afford..
  10. Supermotarder

    A Video Treat for my fellow Bretheren (Grange)

    Hey Im down with that! I figur anything that keeps him off the track when im racin betters my chances
  11. Supermotarder

    A Video Treat for my fellow Bretheren (Grange)

    Trust me its worth the wait I started the download before work this morning and decided to let her load while at work, Just came home for lunch and was drinkin a pepsi in the kitchen when all of a sudden I hear this bitchen music start playing and I come into the office (spare bedroom)to see what the hell was goin on and the video was just starting to play.. HA! 4 HOURS! and I have cable modem Nice work tho TS!!
  12. Supermotarder

    Spine Protectors

    I bought a new one off Ebay cause Im poor.. Nothin fancy or pretty but when its under my suit its doin its job...
  13. Supermotarder

    New slider mfg.

    Sorry to stray off topic but im just replying, Radiater catch cans? is water on the track a problem? and Carb catch can? Huh?
  14. Supermotarder

    Just received my first copy of Supermoto Racer

    I just recieved my Supermoto Racer T-shirt, Very nice quality and color..
  15. Supermotarder

    Off Topic: I can't describe the stupidity of this

    Softens your landing while jumping the dishes..