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  1. jdkk04

    In Between Thumb and Wrist pain.

    If xrays do show a break you would either be put in a cast or have surgery. It depends on the type of break and how fast it is caught. If it is a broken scaphoid you definantly want to get it fixed otherwise you could develop arthrisis over time. Im no medical expert, but as for riding I would say keep doing it in the mean time if it does not cause a whole lot of pain.
  2. jdkk04

    In Between Thumb and Wrist pain.

    You might have fractured you scaphoid. From what I hear most people don't get much swelling there and their doctors mistake it for a wrist sprain. I would get an x-ray. Press into your anatomical snuff box and if you have a lot of pain there then it is probably broken.
  3. im about 5foot 3 inches and i ride a kx250f. I put a lowering link on it and shaved the seat! 85/100cc is to small of a bike for me
  4. jdkk04

    Most important protective gear

    knee pads and a chest protector are a must! once you are able to get those you could always save up for a kidney belt and a neck brace! Those neck braces sure are expensive though, I dont have one, i tried the leatt brace once but my neck is to short haha
  5. jdkk04

    knee pain

    In april I was mountain biking and took a big spill onto the outer side of my left knee. Turned out I needed stitches but I didnt get to the er in time, they said the risk of infection was to great. But anyway evertime i walk down stairs and squat or bend down the inner part of my knee and the very front lower part of the knee right above the tibia have a lot of pain. I can even kneel on the floor putting full weight on my left knee. Any ideas on what might be wrong? also im 18 years old.
  6. jdkk04

    "In-between" bike advice, CRF230 or KX100?

    a crf230 weighs more than a 250f, its suspension is terrible, however it can ride up steep hills like a tractor, it just lugs. I wouldn't get a kx100 for the woods; however i dont have any experience with the kx100, from my understanding they are extremely jumpy and you would probably be too tall for it. I have a 2009 kx250f and love it but im really experienced on a bike, I started out with the crf150f though! but if your boyfriend wont let you get a full size bike then go for the crf230f, it will boost you confidence a lot, but if you tip it over you might not get it back up. once your confidence is up and your ready to rip through the trails then sell the crf230f and get a kx250f!
  7. jdkk04

    Epidural shots in neck

    I think you should give physical therapy a try. ive been job shadowing at a pt clinic and some people come in with terrible headaches and the headaches are caused by tight neck muscles. proper neck stretches and neck strengthening might help a lot. one person had a neck fusion due to disc problems that gave them headaches and such, they continued with PT exercises and strengthening and now have very few headaches. fusion really takes away ones range of motion though. give PT a try before going under a knife.
  8. jdkk04

    migranes during/after riding

    do you drink enough water before riding? being dehydrated while riding can sure cause headaches. Also, the muscle right behind your neck called the trapezius could be tight which can cause headaches. Ive been job shadowing at a physical therapy clinic and there are quite a few people that get headaches from tight trapezius. try to relax your shoulder muscles and grip harder with your knees. I hope you figure out something that works
  9. jdkk04

    dirt bike pants

    I would totally recommend getting mens pants. They hold up much better and are way better looking.
  10. jdkk04

    Any ladies here around 5' 5" and 115?

    Great, I'm so excited! The gear looks great! Thankyou so much! It's not very often you'll find someone willing to give away gear for free, I very much appreciate it! To bad your wife doesnt like to ride. I love it, I have a kx250f and can keep up (and pass) the guys!
  11. jdkk04

    Any ladies here around 5' 5" and 115?

    ill post of pic on easter weekend when i get home from college! thanks TheWeez!
  12. jdkk04

    Any ladies here around 5' 5" and 115?

    Great! thankyou so much! I really appreciate it! i will send you a message with my address! Kasey
  13. jdkk04

    Any ladies here around 5' 5" and 115?

    Hello, Im interested in your wifes gear. Ive been riding for four years now! Im about five three and 115 pounds. I live in Tennessee. Would you really give the gear away for free? That would be so nice, im a college student and cant really afford a new riding outfit. Thanks, Kasey Laviolette
  14. I'm installing a Rekluse auto clutch on the bike. Seems like a simple task, but I can't get the center hub nut to break loose. Put a 2 foot breaker bar on it and it still won't budge. I assume its a left handed thread...left loosy. Can anyone confirm? Also, should I just bring it to an auto shop and try the biggest impact wrench they have to get the darn thing to break loose? Will that damage any of the transmission parts? Help!!!!!!!!
  15. jdkk04

    hand/wrist question

    i got xrays and there is no broken scaphoid. Left wrist is doing a little better with antiinflammitories (nabumetone) but still hurts when riding. im getting an autoclutch so that should help a lot. right wrist is cracking and my basal joint and two other thumb joints keep swelling. also index and middle finger joint are swelling up too. any suggestions? its really hard to wright essays for school. im only eighteen!