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    2007 Athena YZ144 done :)

    I had such a bad experience with Athena. I would advise anyone to take athena parts of their machine. 1 - 144 athena use their own extra thick gasket, the price is £50 more than Yamaha. Availability low, back order. Comes without o-rings, another £10 to buy genuine. 2 - The barrel inspection was done in Italy taken 12 weeks. 3 - Either a whole lot of race mechanics put them in wrong and sought help on the internet or the Athena 144 barrel needs a factory type fit to get it on leak free. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I bought a bolt on replacement Eric Gorr yz144 kit which has been 100% reliable. 14 hours racing, just put new rings in and its going sweet in the 17th hour now. Eric Gorr provides a great bolt on easy to do. Bolt on and well made, using wiseco and genuine parts. He’s ur guru when it comes to mx performance tuning http://www.eric-gorr.com/
  2. yam2tmxer

    2007 Athena YZ144 done :)

    Hi, I'm trying to find a way to fix my head gasket. I just bought a yz144, 08 with an athena kit and its leaking from the odd looking head gasket and building pressure inside the rad. What is the way to solve it? I've heard some guys say to put two base gaskets in? sounds like a botch, i'd need to use std gaskets, not athena, is that ok? Alternatively should i race it but keep a check on water cooler level for this weekend?