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  1. baja931

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Im not sure what time will start out. Its kinda going to be when we get up and get some food in us. My guess is it will be decently early since we probably wont get to ride saturday. Maybe 9:30 or 10 something like that.
  2. baja931

    Hour Meter Mounting

    i have a 250F but that doesnt really matter for this. I have mine siliconed to the head of the frame like on the steering colum i guess. Not sure what to call that part of the frame. But that way i can always see how many hours are on it.
  3. baja931

    hour meter and oil change

    15 seems quite hi to me. like every body has been saying i usually change mine like every 4 to 5 hours. I usually change the filter every time as well, i use the K&N foil filters, and spectro full synthetic oil, although im considering switching over to Motul.
  4. baja931

    If I remove the CDI will the bike still run?

    HAHAHA oh my god, those guys are ballsy just doing that in broad daylight. They got that think thrown in there pretty quickly.
  5. baja931

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Yeah badlands does drain pretty well. I think its supposed to be in the high 60's there the rest of the week if im not mistakin right? So im guessing itll dry up somewhat. Are you going to be out there this weekend?
  6. Im a huge four stroke fan thats all i ride anymore, but the one thing your not thinking of is valves. 4 strokes you have to replace valves and such, where as 2 strokes you dont have to.
  7. baja931

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    I hope this rain clears up. Like i stated a few days ago me and some buddies are camping out and ridding at Badlands this weekend. Hope its nice, it better be! If any one will be there let me know.
  8. There are honestly so many different ois out there, and half of them are the same oil with a different name on it. Im not saying go cheap but most of the decent oils are all made by the same company. If you look at a bottle of Yamalube it will say right on the back of the bottle that its produced by Spectro corporation. As long as its a motorcycle approved oil and not super cheap crap oil its all the same in my book.
  9. baja931

    No EFI on 2011 YZ250F

    I can second that for you. My dad owns a Yamaha dealership. I remember being at the national dealership convention in Las Vegas a few years ago when they came out with the new 700 motor in the Rhinos's. That was the first anybody had heard of it. That was also the year they came out with the new strato liner or something like that. They dont have reps coming and saying hey in two years will have a fuel injected 250f. Who ever told you this is full of it. Just letting you know.
  10. baja931

    If I remove the CDI will the bike still run?

    I still dont get why your looked down on if you ride a motorcycle? I have never heard of this before
  11. baja931

    If I remove the CDI will the bike still run?

    so why are you looked on as a terrible person if you ride a motorcycle? i dont get that?
  12. baja931

    No EFI on 2011 YZ250F

    even if EFI doesnt give you power gains it does make like much easier. not having to mess with the carb. i dont think Yamaha would just add EFI to the engine they have now. im guessing new engine with EFI. Might have to wait another year or two. Yamaha is always the last to come out with the technology, but when they do it kicks ass. Kinda like the new 450.
  13. baja931

    Carbon fiber exhausts

    say the Yamaha pipes are pretty decent pipes. I have an 09 250f and teh pipe on it really is a pretty decent pipe. you could get way more results by putting that money into something else. suspension versus pipes..... dump it into suspension.
  14. yeah i put in a full quart, why how much do you put in? And yeah it seems like cheepish insurance. 4 hours though even seems a little short to me. i wait atleast 6 usually. thats probably my normal length before i change it
  15. haha yes, it does make me feel better. If i dont keep everything in tip top shape on her i just feel bad lol. that soudns dumb, but i just dont feel like having to rebuild it or do any other large tear downs on it