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  1. rich98

    crf 250 shock fit 02 cr 125

    my friends asking if the crf shock would fit
  2. rich98

    crf 250 shock fit 02 cr 125

    hi thanks for that wasj ust an idea as cant seam to find a shock for the cr 125
  3. hi after some advice my friends got a 02 cr125 his after a shock for this bike would a crf 250 shock fit any advise would help thanks rich
  4. hi i have a problum with my rocker cover on the inside theres a guild that pushes in to lugs that sits above the cams when the cover is back in place what hold it in place as dont want to but it back in as it feels lose or is it a just fit once part and a new one would fit tight dosnt seamed to have been glued in place not sure what to do now thanks rich
  5. rich98

    yz 125 2000 problum

    hi my friends yz 125 2000 model has a problum when u are riding the bike its like your blipping the throttle its just had new piston and rings fiited can any one shed some light on to this please were looking again tomorow to see if it an electrical fault
  6. i looking to repair my yzf 250 08 that blew up last week and looking at prox parts like con rod kit ect also are they any good what difference would steel valves make over the standard onces or is it better to fit original titainum ones thanks
  7. rich98

    engine seized on my 08 yzf 250

    60 hrs thats all from new
  8. rich98

    engine seized on my 08 yzf 250

    we took bike a part today the piston had broke in to 2 pieces it punched 2 holes in the barrel wall thats were the water got into the engine also took out all 5 valves and the cylinder head were checking the crank too to see if theres any damage the guy thats doing the job for me said the bill looking at about 1,000 pounds to repair thanks guy for you help rich
  9. hi all i was out at a track on monday did four laps and the engine seized i check the oil and water the night before had oil change and oil filter change on wedneday last week not ridden till the track day no problums with starting always first kick when whe check the rad there was no water in there and im lost to what caused it but we have vid of the last lap and you see in the courner before she lock up a puff of blue smoke from the tail pipe would this be a droped valve as not to sure about four strokes bikes not striped yet hoping to start on her today thanks rich
  10. hi looking for some information on how to tell what year the bike im looking at today they say it an rmz 250 08 but want to check before i buy it thanks rich
  11. thanks first yzf 250 so wasnt to shure how it worksed and the reason for doing it thanks again
  12. I have looked at Nunber i know the bike was for USA /CDN market but the tenth didit is a 0
  13. rich98

    Removing adhesive from number plates...

    i use brake cleaner spay on and it wipes of some time have to do a couple of times if theres a lot glue on the plastics
  14. rich98

    boging on my 08 yzf 250

    hi there could you tell me what free mods and about the grey wire it got a titanium front pipe looking at tail pipe too the air filter wa put in buy the other owner but went ang got new one today and thanks for all your help rich
  15. rich98

    boging on my 08 yzf 250

    thanks only had bike for a week so it a bit new to me