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  1. Gyula

    06 DRZsm jetting problem

    Thanks for the tip.
  2. Gyula

    06 DRZsm jetting problem

    I've got the full stainless Yosh system with the 3X3 mod and a dynojet kit. Been reading posts for an hour now and everyone seems to run the same setup I am. 155 main, clip #2 from top, fuel screw 3 1/2 out. Problem is I'm getting a slight lean surge on the freeway. Seems to me that with such a larger headpipe I should be running the 160 main. On a bigger steetbike like my Bandit a needle adjustment would clear this up but the poor SM is pretty spun up at 65 so I'm thinking I'm on the main jet at that speed and past where the needle position has much effect. Any experience with this out there?