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  1. Here is something I run into a great deal. When cleaning a carb sometimes the choke plunger comes out after a lil work but the spring is rusted in two. I have scoured around my shop and find a spring that will work or taken a old click pen with a heavy spring and used it. Has anyone found a good cheap replacement spring? Those choke plunger kits/starter sets are expensive. If so i'll be buying a ton of them.

    2004 KX250F Bogging?!

    Problem fixed. I put the factory jets and needle back in. Runs like a champ.

    2004 KX250F Bogging?!

    Here is the skinny. The engine is fresh (crank assy,piston, replate, intake valves, cam chain). You get the picture. My problem is this, the first time I went to the trak it ran fine. Then it got where it wouldn't crank so I naturally thought the intake valves tightened up. Valves were fine it was the stator. So the next time out it it cranks fine runs wide open fine but when you shower down on it the bike stumbles. Hard to roll up to a jump and nail it without nose diving. So I put a Dynojet kit in it thinking it was a worn needle or enlarged jet. Still has that bog or stumble. I have had the carb off several times checking float level and restricted jet. Very clean. And the bike has had the CDI Box recall preformed. I am about tired of this motorcycle any insight would be helpfull. Thanks in advance.