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  1. It's cooler than what I have.
  2. That's because 1)I don't give enough of a **** 2)There's too much bias, it's hard to trust much of anything.
  3. I was willing to believe you until you said that. It's commonly accepted in the medical community that that just isn't true. There's obviously a fault in your study if that was one of their conclusions.
  4. That's not proven. You state it as fact when it's not. Also your figures are wayyy off. Marijuana has about 6-7 times the amount of tar as standard tobacco. Obviously inhaling smoke is a bad idea but marijuana itself is not worse than anything. There's next to nothing harmful about it other than the most common form of ingestion is through smoking.
  5. As long as they didn't mind you being so aggressive. It's just looked down upon here to rev your engine at little kids and ride his ass.
  6. They look like great trails but if you ever acted like that around me when I was trying to enjoy a nice ride we'd have trouble. Try to have some ****ing courtesy.
  7. You are retarded. Seriously, go and kill yourself out of shame for giving somebody such horrible information.
  8. Oh dear god it's so sad how misinformed you people are. Don't smoke weed when you ride, it's fun but yes it ****ing affects your riding. As far as just smoking it at any other time, it isn't gonna effect your riding one bit, it won't effect your life in any way but better sleep/happier all the time.
  9. I actually found a big 4WD Cheyenne with a 350 in it for $1800. It was rebuilt frame up and driven by this old guy I know who was a mechanic/machinist his whole life. He finished it shortly before he died and only put 33,000 miles on it. Basically, it's a 4WD, 5.7, lifted, mud tires, low mileage, driven by an old man who babied it, and it's only $1800. Whenever I can afford it I'm definitely jumping on that shit. Exactly. I know it won't make much of a difference but it'll help me learn more about truck engines as I said before. And I'll post a few pics after I beat out the roof tomorrow.
  10. meh but the payback vid was great.
  11. They look like porn stars. All of you are either 50 and ogle at w/e you can, or you're 13 and ogle at w/e you can.
  12. No and neither am I 13 or 50. I'm right at the sweet age where the females of similar age are actually attractive therefore I have higher standards. much better
  13. Well of course that's the order I'm doing things. I gotta replace the windshield first though. When that's done I'll see how it runs for myself. It's got almsot 294,000 miles on it, but the previous owner maintained it well and fixed anything needing fixed as soon as it was needed so I'm hopeful that it'll last me through my junior year without any major problems. With that many miles things are bound to sprout up though. My friend has an early 90's Pathfinder with 350 on it and it runs perfectly and we used to have an Explorer from their first year with 300 that had just started giving us trouble. I'll get pics up later in the day I gotta go work for some $ for parts:p
  14. Where in the hell did you find a rear sprocket for $16?