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  1. johnlv

    '07 XC-W fuel tank question

    I run the Clarke tank on both my 525's. Both have the KTM fan I mounted and work without issues. Cheers
  2. Are you kidding -- how can I be expected to text, talk with the guys, and drink my post-ride beverage while rolling out my F-350 if i'm fussing with a clutch and stick...? Long live the garbage truck! Cheers
  3. I put fans on both my 525's. Add to that the coolant overflow tank and your set up will be perfect. The one with the shroud has a rubber flap that allows airflow through when moving -- non issue. KTM Part Number(s): 59035041044
  4. "Carbon fiber/plastic skid plates are a joke" +1 Fasz I use the Flatland Racing on both 525's. www.flatlandracing.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=FR&Product_Code=24-12&Category_Code=24-KTM
  5. Just pull the cover and knock it out -- it's all one part. I replaced the glass with the solid cover and center allen screw and it works great.
  6. johnlv

    How many hours on your bike?

    07 525 XC 243hrs / 4th season all dirt Just did the top end -- didn't need it but felt like doing it... Regular desert set up Scotts dampner suspension work trailtech stator JD Kit w/ T4 EE tall soft seat blah, blah, blah Bombproof ride
  7. johnlv

    Weep hole/Over rev? rfs 355

    Hole on the right side is for water drainage from your sparkplug area.
  8. johnlv

    07 525 EXC; is 13k heavy for miles

    The advice from TchncnDen is right on the mark. The RFS is a bomb proof motor that will keep running for a long time. Get your deal on the miles, set it up for your riding, and go have fun.
  9. johnlv

    ktm fmf Q with megabomb combo...

    I have this set up on my 525XC. Not any more quiet but the system works well.
  10. johnlv

    07 ktm 525 xc-w

    I have this exact bike set up for desert racing with all the usual equipment and suspension. The bike is easy to work on, is a tank with lots of nice roll on power, and plenty of parts available. It gets hot in summer. You might get a better price but you will for sure be very happy with the ride -- 6'4" 200lbs.
  11. johnlv

    klx weeping oil

    Mine has done this forever too. The rubber boot that covers the cable has been an issue.