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  1. motomanwr250

    No compression on 2008 YZ450F

    I had the same problem. It turned out to be a stuck valve on my 2008 yz450f.
  2. motomanwr250

    2008 Yz450f No Comp?

    Thanks for the advice i went to check clearances and noticed that one of the buckets was stuck down and an exhaust valve was stuck open. Took off the top end, problem solved valve guide had some rust on it from moisture causing the valve to stick. Cleaned everything up and its good to go.
  3. motomanwr250

    2008 Yz450f No Comp?

    The other day I went down to start my 2008 Yz450f and it had no compression when i tried to find tdc to start it. I was able to continually cycle the engine easily by hand, that is how little comp it had. The weird thing on this is that it ran mint and crisp two weeks before and had not been touched since. (started in one to two kicks, great throttle response.) Any Ideas on what this could be before i start tearing the engine apart to find the problem?
  4. motomanwr250

    2008 Yz450f quiet exhaust question

    thanks for the advice i think im going to try leovince becuase it is the cheapest.
  5. motomanwr250

    2008 Yz450f quiet exhaust question

    sweet deal. ill have to go check out the leo vince system then
  6. motomanwr250

    2008 Yz450f quiet exhaust question

    oh 94 db will be tough but a friend of mine mentioned leo vince anyone used this system? Pros? Cons?
  7. I want to start racing hair scrambles with my 2008 yz450f i just got. The entire bike is stock except for a procircuit t4 slip on which is way too loud to pass the 96 db test. Any suggestions on which exhaust i can get that will consistantly put out 96db or less for the test with the least loss in power.
  8. motomanwr250

    Hot Cams Stage 1 & 2

    i have had good luck with them i used both stage 2 cams on my wr250f with fmf exhaust and noticed no loss on the bottom end but very nice pull and hit from mid all the way to the top
  9. motomanwr250

    Just a general jetting question

    we will see how it goes. im planning on getting the kit in a few weeks when it warms up a little.
  10. motomanwr250

    Just a general jetting question

    ok thanks and yeah im at 100 feet base line specs would be great.
  11. motomanwr250

    Just a general jetting question

    no one has to be exact i was just wondering if anyone has done this same thing and if they noticed any difference in power when they rejetted the bike correctly. or if it even needs rejetting?
  12. i just did new piston, rings, shimmed the valves, put an fmf q4 on and drilled holes in the air box. how much more power gain will i notice if i re-jet the bike? oh and i have a 2003 wr250f. all free mods
  13. motomanwr250

    I need a rear shock! - WR250f - problem

    i had the same exact problem with my wr and im pretty sure that it was the linkage bearings. when i checked them they were 95% rusted out but i also just wound up getting the shock reserviced by factory connection. good luck hope its just the bearings